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Judy Stone was born 1st January 1942. She is an Australian pop singer from Granville Sydney, who came to national prominence in the early 1960s through her regular TV appearances on the pop music show Brian Henderson's Bandstand and her many hit records. As a young performer she sang country music and was billed as The Cowgirl from Granville.

Since the Bandstand days, she has appeared on every major T.V. show in Australia and demand for her appearances has remained constant. Such is her popularity, that Judy has been invited to perform with many international artists on their Australian tours. She also appeared on the very successful Long Way To The Top tour which featured her old pals Col Joye and Little Pattie.

Judy’s early hits from the 1960s appear on a triple CD released by Festival/Spin called 4,003,221 Tears From Now.

The song that gained Judy a National Award in 1974, "Would You Lay With Me In A Field of Stone", coupled with "Mare, Mare, Mare", earned Judy the distinction of being the first Australian female entertainer to have two records concurrently in the Top 40.


You're Driving Me Mad 1961 #19
I'll Step Down 1962 #5
Mommie And Daddy We're Twistin' 1962 #17
Finders Keepers 1962 #18
4,003,221 Tears From Now 1964 #8
Born a Woman 1966 #10
Don't Touch Me 1967 #38
Day By Day 1971 #4
Mare, Mare, Mare (Keep Safe My Love) 1974 #13
Would You Lay With Me In A Field Of Stone 1974 #3
Where Are The Clowns 1974 #39
Silver Wings and Golden Rings 1976 #30
Hasta Manana 1976 #21

In 1976, "Silver Wings and Golden Rings" firmly established Judy in the country pop scene and her cover version of "Hasta Mana" confirmed her popularity, with her version outselling the competing Abba original.

Her last hits are rarely released on CD as Judy changed from Festival to Polydor after 1971. Thankfully, the Oz branch of the Reader’s Digest Company have released most of her later work on CD.

For download are 2 versions of "Silver Wings and Golden Rings" - The 7” single mix from vinyl and an extended Tom Mix 12” version mixed from the stereo CD version - both in a zip file...




The Mixtures have other songs on this blog. Please use search facility to locate them.

The Mixtures were aptly named. Their decade-long career included some very notable successes, including major Australian and international hits, but the group really never developed a consistent musical style or image and, like so many of their Oz contemporaries, the group was subject to repeated line-up changes in its later years. Beginning as one of many 'beat' acts slogging it out on the Melbourne scene in the mid-60s, they gradually gained national prominence over the next few years. In 1970, with a completely different line-up, The Mixtures scored two successive #1 Australian singles. By the time they split in 1976 The Mixtures' personnel list had changed several more times - as had their musical style - and their short-lived fame had passed.

Band Members:

Laurie Arthur (guitar, vocals) 1965-67
Greg Cook (drums, vocals) 1970 - March 1971
John Creech (drums, vocals) 1965-70
Rod De Clerk (bass, vocals) 1965-67
Buddy England (vocals) June 1969 - March 1970
Mick Flinn (bass) 1967- May 1972
Dennis Garcia (organ) 1967
Mick Holden (drums) early 1971
Gary Howard (drums) 1970-71
Alan "Edgell" James (bass) late 1966
Idris Jones (vocals) late 1967- June 1969; 1970; 1971
Don Lebler (drums) April 1971 - 1976
Chris Spooner (bass) May 1972 - 1976
Fred Weiland (guitar) 1967
Peter Williams (vocals, guitar) 1971-76

Singles Discography:

1965 "Koko Joe" / "I've Been Wrong"
1966 "Come On Out" / "Lose Your Money"
1968 "Music, Music, Music" / "Maria" #33
1968 "Same Old Song" / "Never Trust In Tomorrow" #43
1969 "Here Comes Love Again" / "Fancy Meeting You Here" #48
1970 "Ten Thousand Children" / "Call Me Do"
1970 "In The Summertime" / "Where Were You" #1
1970 "The Pushbike Song" / "Who Loves Ya" #1
1971 "Henry Ford" / "Home Away From Home" #25
1971 "Never Can Be Untrue" / "She's Gone Away"
1971 "Captain Zero" / "I Wanna Go Home" #7
1973 "I Dazzle Easy Diane" / "Found Out Where It's At" #29
1973 "My Home On The Murrumbidgee" / "Slow Train"
1973 “Guitar Song”
1974 "Down Under Girls" / "Neck Of The Woods"
1976 “Love Is Life”
1975 “Skateboard Jive” / “Come Together For The Games”

Here for download is their last single "Skateboard Jive" from a German pressing on the Ariola label (see cover picture above stating "top hit" in Oz - really it's a kind of false advertising!!!):



Taste consisted of Ken Murdoch, Virgil Donati, Michael Tortoni and Joey Amenta. They were a major force in Australia’s rock world in the late 70s. Taste was dubbed Australia’s answer to UK group Queen, and after two albums they really looked like taking the next step to bigger and better things. The sound they produced was solid rock. The other pop groups at the time were singing about teen parties and girls but Taste went in their own direction with more sophisticated lyrics. They produced 2 albums: Tickle Your Fancy and Knights Of Love.


Tickle Your Fancy 1976 #22
Degenerate Fool 1976 #87
Boys Will Be Boys 1977 #17
A Little Romance 1977 #36
Rebecca 1977 #92

In 2006 there was industry talk that the 2 albums by Taste would be given a CD release as a 2-on-1 compilation but a few years on and sadly nothing has happened.

Here for download is their first single "Tickle Your Fancy" in a zip file - no password. This is a complete wave file and may take some time to download. The reason I did it like this is because the mp3 versions currently available on other blog sites have flaws towards the end and when played loud are very noticeable. This is the best quality version of this song you will find to date. Enjoy!




Hush have other songs on this blog. Please use search facility to locate them.

1970s rock group Hush were very popular on Countdown and other TV shows because they were originally glam rockers with lots of sequins and the girls just loved them. As the group matured the outfits became satin and much later towards the end of their chart run, leather!


Get The Feeling 1973 #14

Walking 1974 #26

Bonie Moronie 1975 #5

Glad All Over 1975 #8

Rough, Tough and Ready 1976 #29

Lies /Too Young To Know 1976 #25

Sunday 1977 #34

Nothing Stays The Same Forever 1977 #39

One of their 1974 hits "Walking" has been released on CD. It has appeared on a Hush Greatest Hits CD and on various artist CD compilations but most of the time compilers get the wrong version issued.

Here for download are 2 versions of "Walking" in a zip file. One is the 7" single version and one is the album version. They were recorded at different sessions and don't have the same production values. The 7" single mix is very polished and the album version sounds almost like a live recording.

They are in a zip file with a password: http://tommixmusic.blogspot.com/

Both songs have been on CD as mentioned - originally the album version was slightly longer than the 7" single mix but for this download I have reversed the positions and extended the 7" single mix and edited the album mix. Enjoy!




S.C.R.A. (Southern Contemporary Rock Assembly) have other songs on this blog. Please use search facility to locate them.

S.C.R.A. had the bristling Top 10 hit "Roly Poly" in early 1972 and then went quiet for a while. They bounced back with "Our Ship" in late 1972 and by this time had changed from M-7 records to Atlantic. This single was more jazz influenced than the rollicking big band sound they had established.

Their first single "C.C.Rider" (also on this blog) was a rock track and this song bore no resemblance to their "Roly Poly" era. Maybe because they tried so many styles the radio DJs couldn't put them into a particular niche for selling to the public.

The single of "C.C.Rider" is available at download No.56 - type 56 in the search facility box and scroll down the page to this second item...

Here for download is the mono single mix of "Our Ship":



Marcia Hines has other songs on this blog as do Terry Young and Monalisa. Please use search facility to locate them.

"Dance You Fool, Dance" came out in 1979 as the b-side of the single of "Ooh Child" - a lovely song which listeners were not into at the time of release. Radio DJs turned it over and played "Dance You Fool, Dance"as it was more accessible for the average punter and showed off Marcia's dynamic range and vocal capabilities. It got to #46 nationally and sold well in Adelaide. In 1980 the "Ooh Child" / "Dance You Fool, Dance" single was released in the UK (see label above).

Marcia Hines, was sharing the credits with a singing couple she was trying to help crack the local market - Terry Young and Monalisa. They eventually had singles released under their own names.

The single edit of "Dance You Fool, Dance" has not been issued on CD, only the longer album cut.

Here for download is the single edit of "Dance You Fool, Dance":



Sherbet have other songs on this blog. Please use search facility to locate them.

Sherbet had a big pop career spanning many years. Their singles were glossy and well produced. One of the 1974 singles, "
So Glad You're Mine", has been ignored by the compilers as the original single version hasn't yet been issued on CD.

There were 3 versions made: One was the original album version running 3:35 mins which shows up on CDs all the time - strangely, it was not issued on a vinyl album for some time after another re-make version was issued. There was an edited mix of the first version called the single mix running 2:49 mins (shown above) and the third one was a new re-make which was issued on their next vinyl album.

According to notes from the Sherbet CD anthology the group were not happy with the first version as Darryl had a bad cold and hit a few raw notes...so they did the re-make to remedy this situation. It confused the buying public as the next album they issued didn't have the single version on it.

I always liked the first version, warts and all, as it sounds more immediate and catchy.

Here for download is a 12" Tom Mix of "
So Glad You're Mine" (extended from the first single version):



The Executives have other songs on this blog. Please use search facility to locate them.

The Executives last few singles were on the Polydor label. One of them was "Tinker, Tailor". Its flip was called "Songs Of Love".

There is a Brisbane-based fan group who are compiling all the singles by The Executives and recently I contributed this flip side to their forthcoming compilation. It is a very scratchy old single but I've done my best to clean it up for them...and also place here for you.

Here for download is "Songs Of Love":



Frankie Davidson has other songs on this blog. Please use search facility to locate them.

1973 novelty song, "I Love A Sunburnt Football", has been released on CD a couple of times but the CD versions are remakes. Frankie's work pops up now and again on compilations but he has never had a complete Greatest Hits or Anthology compiled and many of his old singles have never been on CD.

For downloading are 2 versions of "I Love A Sunburnt Football", the first is from CD and is a credible remake where Frankie plays all the characters:


The second download is the original vinyl Top 40 hit version of "I Love A Sunburnt Football" which has an uncredited female performer doing the piece about a football-loving grandma:



English born singer and comedian Dave Allenby has other songs on this blog. Please use search facility to locate them.

Dave teamed up with Autumn in the early 1970s and had a hit with "She Works In A Woman's Way". The song "Midnight Special" is the flip side of this single. "Midnight Special" co-charted with the a-side in some places. It was recorded live at Chequers Nightclub in Sydney. The single was produced by legendary Barrie McAskill.
The 7" single mix is slightly different to the version released on the album "Song To Raymondo" which was released under Autumn's name.



Clarence Lancelot "Buster" Noble (b:1913 - d:1990) is an Oz legend. He was a singer, dancer, comedian and radio star from the 1940s to the 1970s. Buster was an all rounder.

He married entertainer Helen De Paul in 1941. They had two daughters Amanda Noble and Patricia Ann Ruth Noble aka Patsy Ann Noble aka Tricia Noble, who was a TV star and singer. After WW2 the Nobles joined the Tivoli circuit of variety entertainment and worked around Australia and New Zealand in such shows as
Stars and Garters, Atomic Blondes, Sit Back and Laugh and Let's Make it a Party. Helen was a singer/dancer and straight woman and "Buster" the comic who played the ukelele and tap-danced. Buster also entertained Australian troops overseas and de Paul went with him to Korea in the early 1950s.

After returning to Oz, Helen worked on early TV shows and was responsible for choreographing the Vegemite commercials of the 1950s which celebrated their 50th anniversary recently and are still shown on TV in a colourised format.

"Buster" had a lot of novelty singles released over the years and one of his better known ones "The Pommy Jackaroo" from 1962 has only been on CD once to my knowledge which is frustratingly sad for fans as it was deleted long ago. One of his other hits was "The Young Camp Stockman" from 1973.

Here for download is "The Pommy Jackaroo":




Marcie Jones has other songs on this blog. Please use search facility to locate them.

In 1968 Marcie and the Cookie released a single which had a rocking version of "
White Christmas" backed with "You Were On My Mind". The song got to #23 in December 1968 - January 1969 in Brisbane Queensland and was slightly less successful in other states.

The song sounds like they used music pioneer Phil Spector's "wall of sound" technique. It is a great version and cleaned up really well for this download.

If you would like to collect other Australian Christmas songs, don't forget to visit Ozzie The Music Man's blog as he has been celebrating the season with numerous downloads on his site. Click link: http://www.ozziemusicman.com/

Here for download is "
White Christmas" by Marcie and the Cookies:



A big hit in 1963 by Oz crooner Darryl Stewart was "I Watch The Surf" which got to #34 nationally. It was originally an instrumental called "Surfside" (click to see 1963 newspaper article at right).

The original track was written by Johnny Devlin and Nat Kipner (father of Steve). The lyrics were worked by Sydney radio announcer Graham Webb.

The song was later issued on an E.P. and has occasionally popped up on surf albums but has not to my knowledge been on CD.

Here for download is a copy of the original mono 7" of "I Watch The Surf":



Oz band Cattletruck from Melbourne had a short pop career and produced a number of singles but none did as well as "Resurrection Shuffle" in 1988.

This track was originally done by UK group Ashton, Gardner and Dyke in the early 1970s and was a #16 hit in many parts of Oz. In the early 1980s the song was released again on RCA records as a 12" mix by Tony Ashton and Linda Hayes and was given a 6 minute make-over...at roughly the same time other international bands had cover versions competing for chart action.

Late in Nov 1987 Oz band Cattletruck put out various versions of the song which got to #33 nationally. All were at varying lengths and given different names: "Resurrection Shuffle" (Marty Party Mix), "Resurrection Shuffle" (Double Shuffle Mix), "Resurrection Shuffle" (Album Mix) and "Resurrection Shuffle" (Single Mix).


Leave Me 1987 #38
Rain 1987 #41
Resurrection Shuffle 1988 #33

Here for download is an extended Tom Mix version of Cattletruck's "Resurrection Shuffle":




Darryl Cotton (born 4 September 1949 in Adelaide, Australia) is an Australian pop singer, television presenter and actor. Cotton is best known as a founding member of Australian rock group Zoot in 1968, along with Beeb Birtles, Rick Brewer and, later, Rick Springfield. He was a member of the short-lived Oz band “Frieze” which he founded with Beeb Birtles. 1n 1973 his friend Steve Kipner got him work in American firstly in the group “Friends” and then by 1975, “Cotton, Lloyd and Christian”. Darryl has other songs on this blog. Please use the search facility to locate them.

Michael Lloyd was in an American pop group called “West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band”, for Michael Lloyd it was only the beginning of an extraordinarily successful musical career which has, to date, netted him over one hundred gold and platinum records. After becoming the Vice President of A & R at MGM records, aged 20, in the fall of 1969, Michael achieved his first major hit producing Lou Rawls' single 'A Natural Man', winning himself a Grammy in the process. After forming his own band Friends, along with two Australians Darryl Cotton (ex-Zoot and Oz rock band) and Steve Kipner (ex-Tin Tin), Michael recorded an LP in 1973 only to see it pulled by MGM when he and Mike Curb left the label. As 'Friends', they produced a few singles including 'Gonna Have A Good Time' and 'Would You Laugh?' The album was considered to be soft pop rock, and had a lot going on for it as far as production, vocals, and instruments. Unperturbed he went on to record two further albums under the guise of Cotton, Lloyd and Christian. However, he soon discovered that his strength lay in producing and composing for others, most notably those toothsome Mormon siblings the Osmonds (including their 'experimental' 'Crazy Horses' period and Donny's solo career), as well as other teen heart-throbs like Shaun Cassidy and Leif Garrett. His greatest achievement in commercial terms came with the 1987 film 'Dirty Dancing', for which he acted as musical supervisor as well as producing and co-writing much of the music.

Chris Christian (born on February 7, 1955 Texas) is a songwriter, record producer, and a record label executive. He recorded as a member of the trio of Cotton, Lloyd and Christian which had a couple of hits on 20th Century Records. Christian also played guitar in the Chet Atkins band.

Cotton, Lloyd and Christian singles:

I Go To Pieces (from the album Cotton Lloyd & Christian - 1975)

The Lover Who Was Born To Wander (from the album Cotton Lloyd & Christian - 1975)

I Don’t Know Why You Love Me (from the album Number Two - 1976)

(You’ve Given Me) Sunshine (from the album Number Two - 1976)

Crying In The Rain (from the album Number Two - 1976)

Here for download is an extended Tom Mix 12" of "I Go To Pieces". I used the CD master for this remix.




Jane Clifton was born 1949 in Gibraltar and moved to Perth WA where she was able to make a transition into the music business by 1965. In the late 1970s she fronted a pop group called Stiletto. Stiletto were an "alternative / pseudo feminist" band who clawed their way onto Countdown according to Jane. The band lasted from 1976 to 1978. Her biggest single with Stiletto was called "Bluebirds".

Jane continued to make headway in music as a solo artist until she got a #13 national hit single with "Girl On The Wall" in 1984.

Jane has not only been a singer but she has also done TV, appeared on stage and written books. She regularly does public speaking and radio. She is an all-rounder.

Here for download is "Bluebirds":




"The Ballad Of Lady Di" charted in Sydney NSW in May 1981. It seems to have flopped in the rest of Oz but it was released in England and sold moderately well. The English release came out on the Stiff label with a picture cover (see above). It was given much radio airplay at the time.

The Hon. Nic Jones and Ian MacRae, were radio announcers in Sydney, which probably explains why it rose to prominence there. By the time the song departed from the top 40 both men had gone to England to report on Charles and Di's wedding.
Ian MacRae had UK connections as he had been one of the Oz radio personalities who worked in England during the days of the pirate radio ships which anchored outside British waters.

The flip-side was called "Three Minutes Of Silence". Contrary to what you might think, it was actually six minutes of comedy about being quiet for three minutes.

Many thanks to Neil for sending this one to be cleaned and set for download here at Tom Mix Oz Music:



Martin Erdman was the producer on one of the biggest selling songs to come from Oz. The artist, Sister Janet Mead, was a Sister of Mercy nun who first scored a #2 hit in Oz which then sold millions all around the world. In Oz, its chart run started in late 1973 and it was still selling mid 1974.

In 1974 the disco craze was just beginning as the glam rock scene was fading. The backing on the single of "The Lord's Prayer" is almost disco and has a very strong rhythm section.

The version used to make my extended 12" is converted from the CD which is sold by Martin Erdman at this link: http://ozsongs.com.au/

Here for download is a 6 min Tom Mix 12" version of
"The Lord's Prayer":



Oz band The Reels were from Dubbo NSW and had numerous hits in the 1980s. Their lead singer was Dave Mason. The Reels have a couple of mixes which have not made it to CD but most of their albums have been compiled in the digital format.


Love Will Find A Way 1980 #38

Prefab Hearts 1980 #41

After The News 1980 #15

Five Great Gift Ideas (EP) ~ According To My Heart 1981 #14

Shout And Deliver 1981 #32

This Guy's In Love (With You) 1982 #8

Pitt Street Farmers (EP) 1983 #60

Bad Moon Rising 1986 #14

Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) 1987 #44

Here for download is the Gospel and Satanic mixes of "Bad Moon Rising". They appear on the 12" vinyl as a non-stop mix:



The Ormsby Brothers shot to the top of the charts with their first single then slowly faded with less successful follow-ups. Their sound was almost like the USA Osmond Brothers who were enjoying world-wide success at the time.

Music producer Peter Dawkins was on a roll in the early 1970s with many top 40 hits to his credit but interestingly, none made it as high on the national charts, as a glossy remake of the old Lesley Gore hit “You Don’t Own Me” by Sydney sibling act The Ormsby Brothers, which peaked at #5. Peter said he looked back on that single, engineered by former Beatles studio assistant and later Sherbet producer Richard Lush, as the best of his early Australian productions.

The chart run for the Ormsby Brothers was not long but they made some very glossy pop while it lasted.


You Don’t Own Me - 1973 #5

Sweet Virginia - 1974 #24

The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore – 1974 #21

God Knows I Tried – 1974 #25

Bad Day For Love – 1975

Depending on which charts you read the single You Don’t Own Mewas either the second or fourth highest selling Oz single in 1973. The original single mix was also very short and came in about 3:30 mins. By taking the original CD mix and digitally looping parts etc I have been able to remake the song into a 6 min opus. Here for download is an extended Tom Mix version of "You Don't Own Me":