S.C.R.A. (Southern Contemporary Rock Assembly) have other songs on this blog. Please use search facility to locate them.

S.C.R.A. had the bristling Top 10 hit "Roly Poly" in early 1972 and then went quiet for a while. They bounced back with "Our Ship" in late 1972 and by this time had changed from M-7 records to Atlantic. This single was more jazz influenced than the rollicking big band sound they had established.

Their first single "C.C.Rider" (also on this blog) was a rock track and this song bore no resemblance to their "Roly Poly" era. Maybe because they tried so many styles the radio DJs couldn't put them into a particular niche for selling to the public.

The single of "C.C.Rider" is available at download No.56 - type 56 in the search facility box and scroll down the page to this second item...

Here for download is the mono single mix of "Our Ship":



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  2. Tom - I'm extremely grateful for all the SCRA postings you have made so far. Because SCRA were so under recorded at the time, it is great to get my hands on these. If you get the chance, it would be a bonus to get hold of the B Sides to these 3 singles.
    Either way, these are fantastic and thanks again
    cheers mate