Ricky and Tammy were two good-looking, beach-going, blonde Oz singers who worked for the Sunshine label in the 1960s and then moved to the Fable label in the 1970s.

They appeared on Bandstand and other shows of the era as pop singers but in their later career they concentrated on singing two types of music: country and western!

Their first single presented for download has the backing of the group known as The Blue Jays who were Tony Worsley’s backing band. This backing group are also known as The Fabulous Blue Jays.

The Blue Jays had their own successful singles and they have a number of singles issued where they acted as the house band for the Sunshine label. Sunshine was a subsidiary of Festival.

Ricky & Tammy's singles include:

1965 "Won't You Tell Me" / "Little Girl"
1965 “Island Skipper” / “I Wish”
1966 "Summers Long" / "All Around"
1966 "Through My Fingers" / "Can I"
1967 "We Don't Do That Anymore" / "Paradise"

Here for download is Ricky and Tammy's "Won't You Tell Me" / "Little Girl" in a zip file. No password.




Real Life came from Melbourne and hit the big time with their debut single “Send Me An Angel” in 1983. They had numerous charting singles around the world and sold well in foreign lands. Some of their 1984 remixes have not yet made it to CD.


Send Me An Angel” (1983) charted in about nine countries: #6 Australia, #18 New Zealand, #1 Germany, #2 Switzerland, #19 Canada, #29 USA, #9 Austria, #4 Sweden and #19 Spain.

Openhearted” (1983) got to #32 Australia.

Catch Me I’m Falling” (1984) charted in about four countries: #8 Australia, #40 USA, #9 Germany and #12 Switzerland.

Master Mix E.P.” (1984) got to #45 Australia.

Face To Face” (1985) charted in two countries: #32 Australia and #52 Germany.

Send Me An Angel ‘89” (1989) charted in three countries: #51 Australia, #22 New Zealand, #26 USA.

Let’s Fall In Love” (1989) got to #22 USA.

Good Tonight” (1990) charted in three countries: #47 Australia, #15 Sweden and #9 USA.

Kiss The Ground” (1991) got to #27 USA.

The 1984 Master Mix E.P. was on coloured vinyl and consisted of 5 remixes of the songs: “Send Me An Angel”, “Openhearted”, “Catch Me I’m Falling”, “Always” and “Exploding Bullets”. These are rare mixes which have not yet made it to mainstream CDs.

NB. Coloured vinyl is not the best type of media for reproducing good quality sound but my transfer is pretty good, considering...

The first download is the Master Mix 1984 set of mixes in 320KB stereo mp3 files. The password is the same old one you find on previous posts.



This download is for Australia Day 2010. It contains 20 really, really rare Oz songs which play for 60 minutes. They are in one large 320KB mono mp3 file.

Happy Australia Day 2010!


Billy Thorpe - "Sunshine Friends (Australia Day)"
Angie Pepper - "Frozen World"
Chullora Junction - "3801"
Colin Cook - "Brylcreem & Blue Suede Shoes"
Digi.Tal - "Say So"
Pam & The Pashions - "Summertime (All Around The World)"
Peter Wells - "Between The Saddle & The Ground"
Allan Caswell - "The Australia's Cup"
Albie Wilde & The Dayglos - "Hey Ciao"
XL Capris - "World War 3"
XL Capris - "Igloos"
Vixen - "Cover Up Story"
D Generation - "Theme To D Generation"
Clayton Davis - "The Cricket Song"
Cobbers - "The Endangered Species"
Adrian Campbell - "Listen To The Radio"
Johnny Devlin - "Panel Van"
Maryanne 'Mouse' Davidson - "R2 D2 I Love You"
Finch - "One More Time"
Tim & Debbie - "Australia You're Standing In It"

Just some info for youse all:

Maryanne Davidson is the daughter of Frankie Davidson. Frankie wrote this track for his daughter in the 1980s.

Clayton Davis is technically not an Oz artist but everyone else on the record is.

Digi.Tal is a Leon Burger production.

Billy Thorpe's song is a demo restored from a cassette.

Pam Burridge, surfing superstar, is the lead singer of Pam and The Pashions.

Angela Pepper went to school with my wife at Newcastle Girl's High. Her first group was called "The Hereafter" and they won a local talent show. After finishing school she went to Sydney and got a job as the vocalist for a punk band called "The Passengers". They had a single out called "Face With No Name". She married Radio Birdman co-founder Deniz Tek and they worked together in the Angie Pepper Band with a young Clyde Bramley who went into the Hoodoo Gurus and a former Saints' drummer, Ivor Hay. Their single "Frozen World" was recorded in 1984 - her work from both bands has been issued on a Citadel CD in 2001 called "It's Just That I Miss You".

Chullora Junction's track "3801" is about the steam train that used to go through Newcastle to Sydney.

Allan Caswell has written some very cute and funny songs over the years, one being "G'day" which is used in most primary schools as your typical Oz song for greeting foreigners. "The Australia's Cup" is a humourous look at the yachting fraternity.

The Cobbers run their own music and lyric site and have many pages of info at: http://www.cobbersbushband.com/the_songs.htm

Peter Wells passed away in 2006. He was a member of the groups Buffalo and Rose Tattoo to name a few. He was an excellent slide guitarist.

Gaetano Scollo played "Albie Wilde". The Dayglos were Fiona Corke "Gail", Nick Carrafa "Tony" and Annie Jones "Jane". The flip side of this record has a "Midnight Mix" version.

Colin Cook had numerous hits in the 1960s. But this 1980s rocker got ignored. The flip side has an extended version of the track called "Be Bop & Blue Suede Shoes".

The Adrian Campbell song "Listen To The Radio" is a Peter Best number.

The D Generation and Tim & Debbie tracks are TV themes.

Vixen was a loud all girl Oz group recorded by Festival records, not to be confused with another group from America.

XL Capris had a goodly sized Sydney hit with "WW3" but none of their other 4 single charted.

Johnny Devlin's track "Panel Van" is on RCA and as we all know RCA have closed their vaults to many old Oz tracks. The flip side is called "I Can't Go - I Can't Stay" and was issued as the b-side on an ATA single called "Heartbreak Hotel". It is the exact same recording so does this mean ATA and RCA own an identical song?

In 1973 they were Stillwater, by 1974 they were Finch and they had a moderate career in Oz, then they changed their name to Contraband in 1978 when they went off to conquer America. They folded in 1979. Mark Evans who was bass player in this band was one of the original members of AC/DC 1975-77. Mark came from Melbourne. Newcastle's Dave Evans was also a founding member of AC/DC and is not a relation.

All songs courtesy of Jimmy Barnes, one of my regular contributors.

Happy Australia Day, one and all!




Kevin Borich came from NZ when the La De Das came across to work in Sydney circa 1971. He is a well known, high profile guitarist who has worked on numerous projects with some great artists.

If you want to read more use Wikipedia for a full rundown of his work: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Borich

Kevin runs his own site at:

Kevin has a Greatest Hits Collection but some of Kevin's single mixes have not made it to CD.

I have packaged 4 of them in a zip file for this download:

My Mama Is A Jazzer - Kevin Borich Express
The Blues Had A Baby - Kevin Borich and Dutch Tilders
World's On Fire - Kevin Borich
Getting So Excited - Kevin Borich Express

The track "Getting So Excited" is a cover of the Lee Kosmin song called "Getting So Exciting" which can be found on my other blog "Songs That Made It Big In Oz".

The 4 tracks are in a zip file with a password. You can find the password by looking for it on previous posts.

Many thanks to Jimmy Barnes for supplying this stash of Kevin's original 7" records.


Hondo Grattan was a pacer from Bathurst NSW and known as the "Bathurst Bulldog". He was famous because of the following achievements:

Lord Mayor’s Cup 1975
Inter Dominion Pacing Championship 1974
Inter Dominion Pacing Championship 1973
Miracle Mile 1972
New South Wales Sires Produce Stakes 1971

Johnny Tapp, a very well known race caller, was such a fan he got his mates together and recorded a track called “Little Hondo” which hit the charts and got to #35 in June 1974 in NSW. It shared the top 40 with a competing version by Ed Mackie.

The flip side of "Little Hondo" is available for download off my friend Ozzie at




This year to celebrate Australia Day I am posting an old Oz pop anthem.

In 1984 GANGgajang hit the top 40 with a track called "Sounds Of Then (This Is Australia)". It has gone on to be used on a number of occasions at important ceremonies and functions and is a perennial Oz favourite. I think the group should have called the track "This Is Australia" as nobody actually remembers it by its proper title...when it was first released it was just called "Sounds Of Then" without the bracketed after part.

There has never been an official 12" of the song but various mixes of the single were issued. By combining these various alternate mixes I have made a new 8 minute mix. All the alternate mixes were from CD so the quality of my new mix is amazingly good. My new version is called: "This Is Australia (Sounds Of Then Ext Tom Mix)"

The group have their own web page at http://www.ganggajang.com/

Play it loud on Australia Day.



The Dee Jays were an early 1960's backing group that mostly worked for Festival records, Lee Gordon or Johnny O'Keefe. They started work with Johnny O'Keefe in 1958 (same year I was born) and can be heard backing many of Johnny's early hits.

Some of the Dee Jay's instrumental work has made it to CD, on a release called "Brian Henderson's Band Stand" but it has been out of print ever since the multinationals took over the Festival vaults...the singles "Twistin' Drums" and "Hoots, Mon" are found on this CD.

In late 1961 they put out a double sided record called "Off Shore" backed by "Toy Balloons", a song which had previously been a hit in some parts of the world for Russ Conway. As usual the radio stations ended up playing the b-side and in January 1962 it charted really well in Sydney where it got to #28.


Straight Flush / When The Saints Go Marching In 1960
Steppin' Out / Straighten Up 1960
Twistin' Drums / Shake 1962
Off Shore / Toy Balloons 1962 #28
Big Daddy / Lost Love 1963
Hoots, Mon / Auf Wiederseh'n, My Dear
Sunday Patrol / Barbeque 1964

It Must Be Love / Tell Me How You Feel 1964 (as "Catfish" and The Dee Jays - "Catfish" is the pet name of the drummer).

If you look at the label pictures above you will note the band member's names are included and that the combination of musos change on either track. On the a-side you will also see that the song is billed as "The Dee Jays with Strings".

This record is courtesy of Jimmy Barnes. The sound is superb as the tracks are pristine. The transfer on both sides is almost CD quality...and because they are both excruciatingly short I have extended both sides out to the 3 minute mark.

They are in a zip file with pictures of the labels included. No password.




Daniel Johns (senior) was a country rock folk singer who put out an album and a single back in 1977 on the Homespun label. Most people would know Daniel Johns (junior) the lead singer of Newcastle's successful pop band Silvercahir. Daniel (junior) has also gone solo on a few projects.

For those who don't know what the difference is between the "album version" and "single mix" of a song I have included 2 different mp3 files in a zip for your comparison. The 2 versions of "Steel City Song" sound very different but come from the same recording session, it is amazing what a studio producer and engineer can achieve from the same raw material.

With both Johns men having a strong connection to Newcastle I expected "Steel City Song" to be about my hometown of Newcastle but no, this song is about Wollongong.

The single version is courtesy of Jimmy Barnes, one of my regular contributors, and the album version is courtesy of Dave from Midoztouch.



Donnie Sutherland has other songs on this bog. Please use search facility to locate them.

Recently, on another Oz music forum called Midoztouch, a note was posted saying that we here in Oz had very few 12" mixes made during the 1970s...I agree that we had few, but in the good old days we did have some extended mixes of songs posted on 7" singles before the vinyl presses and machines were shipped to Oz to make the longer 12" records.

Here is one such example, Donnie Sutherland had the longer disco version of his track "Dancin' Man" placed on the back of the regular 7". The a-side is short about 3.30 mins but the flip is 5:38 mins.

An issue I faced when ripping this track was that the longer b-side version was almost half the volume of the a-side. This was often the case when longer songs were issued on vinyl 7" singles, when songs were half-volume they took up less space in the grooves of the record....this is why when you listen to old K-Tel albums you notice that the volumes are softer (compressed), so as to get ten songs on each side of their albums.

Tony Hatch, who wrote so many songs with his then wife Jackie Trent, was responsible for "Dancin' Man (Disco Version)" not only did he write it but was the record producer as well.

The record is courtesy of regular contributor Jimmy Barnes. Many thanks Jim, when I get the time there will be more old rare songs to come. He has left a parcel of Oz songs for me to upload and share...




This is a big zip file of great tunes most of which have not made it to CD. I have not published whole albums on a regular basis but this one is full of many obscure tracks.

For the avid collector of Col Joye this may be the first time his version of "Honey" has appeared since the 1970s. Some of the others too, are lost gems.

Why American singer Neil Sedaka's,
"Wheeling West Virginia" was included, I'll never know! Yes, I know it was recorded in Oz but he is not from hereabouts! Luckily it is added though, as it it the first time I've been able to get a copy of the original mono single mix which has not been on CD to date.


Barry Crocker - "Neither One Of Us"
Col Joye - "Honey"
Graeme Bell All Stars - "Say Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose"
Don Lane - "And I Love You So"
Glenn Cardier - "Ulysses"
Greg Anderson - "Beautiful People"
Ernie Sigley - "When Morning Has Come"
J.O'K. - "(You've Got Me) Danglin' On A String"
Sandy Scott - "Thunderball" (live)
Neil Sedaka - "Wheeling West Virginia" (rare mono single mix)
Father John Cootes - "Never Ending Song Of Love"
Ronnie Burns - "We've Only Just Begun"
Darryl Stewart - "A Man Called Peter"

The songs and album artwork are in a zip file with the password: http://tommixmusic.blogspot.com/

Here for download is the album "Australian Club Show":




Stephen Donald Cummings (born 13 September 1954 Melbourne) is an Australian singing legend and in his spare time he writes novels.

Stephen hit his straps in 1976 working as vocalist for the Oz group The Sports but before then he was in the Pelaco Brothers formed in 1974.

His solo career started with 4 charting singles and then he slowly became less interested in top 40 hits and spent more time crafting his own style.


1982 "We All Make Mistakes" #89
1983 "Stuck on Love" #76
1983 "Backstabbers" #40
1984 "Gymnasium" #27
1984 "Another Kick in the Head"
1985 "What Am I Going to Do?" #80
1986 "This Wonderful Life"
1986 "Speak with Frankness" #83
1986 "Love Is Crucial but Money, that's Everything"
1988 "Some Prayers Are Answered"
1988 "My Willingness"
1988 "A Life Is a Life" #89
1989 "Your House Is Falling" #67
1989 "When the Day Is Done"
1990 "Family Affair"
1990 "Hell (You've Put Me Through)" #33
1990 "Stand Up (Love Is the Greatest)"
1992 "I've got a Lot of Faith in You"
1992 "If I Had some Money I'd Go away Tonight"
1992 "Keep the Ball Rolling"

He also sang the ultra catchy jingle “I Feel Better Now” for Medicare.

In the days of vinyl his first 2 singles were given 12" treatments - nothing too startling but different enough to charge the punters a couple of dollars more.

Here for download is his original 12" version of
"Stuck On Love":



The Dugites, a Perth band named after a nasty little snake (the hissing kind) that is found in Western Australia, had a very good chart run with very catchy synth driven pop hits.

All their hits have been released on a commercial CD but the majority of tracks on the CD were mastered from vinyl pressings. The company responsible for their recordings "Deluxe" is nowadays defunct.

Band members:

Lynda Nutter - Vocals & Percussion
Gunther Berghofer - Guitar & Vocals (1978-1983)
Peter Crosbie - Keyboards, Vocals & Writer
Clarence Bailey - Drums & Vocals
Paul Noonan - Bass & Vocals
John Crosbie - Guitars (1983-1984)
Bob Andrews - Production (1978-1983)
...By mid-1983, Berghofer and Andrews had left the band...


"Hit Single" / "Bruce" (1979)
"Goodbye" / " No God, No Master" (1980) #43
"In Your Car" / "13 Again" (1980) #27
"South Pacific" / "Gay Guys" (1980)
"Waiting" / "Who Loves You More" (1981) #36
"Part Of Me" / "Never Touch" (1981)
"No Money" / "Decide" (1982)
"Cut the Talking" / "Michael and Rodney" (1983) #38
"Juno and Me" / "Everything Must Change" (1983) #24

Here for download is a 12" extra-mileage-mix of "In Your Car":



Schnell Fenster was a Melbourne-based band, formed in 1986 by ex-members of Split Enz. Tentatively named "The Wanx", the band selected their new name Schnell Fenster (German for "fast window"), because it appealed to their sense of perversity.

The group had a couple of moderate hits, the biggest being their first single.


1988 "Whisper" #58
1988 "Love-Hate Relationship" #81
1989 "This Illusion"
1990 "OK Alright A Huh O Yeah" #74
1991 "Heroes Let You Down"

Here for download is the original 12" mix of "Whisper" which has not been on CD:


Joe has other songs on this blog. Please use the search facility to locate them.

Joe Camilleri is an icon of Australian music and without doubt one of Melbourne’s finest musical exports. You might know him as Jo Jo Zep, Joey Vincent, Camo, The Maltese Falcon or simply as Joe.

Joe’s incredible 45 year career has enjoyed two chart topping highlights; The Falcons with hits including “Hit & Run”, “Shape I’m In”, “Puppet On A String” and "Taxi Mary" and The Black Sorrows with “Chained To The Wheel”, “Harley & Rose”, “Hold On To Me” and a string of others.

Here for download is one of his solo hits from 1986, “Celebrate (This Must Be The Day)(Extended Groove Mix). This rare 12” extended version has never appeared on CD.




Oz singer, Trevor Spry, only ever recorded under his first name of "Trevor". He was a teenager when he first took an interest in music and by 1970 he achieved his first top 40 hit with "Crying In The Rain" which got to #27 nationally.

Trevor worked as a rock journalist and appeared on TV shows like Melbourne's "Uptight" and "Happening '70".

Buoyed by the sales of his first hit he released "Love Is All Around" in 1971 and it only charted in Melbourne where it got to #32 - it pretty much sank without a ripple in the rest of Oz.

The single "Crying In The Rain" was later released on an album called "Super Sounds Of Happening ’71" which is where this download comes from.

This track is one I fixed up for Alan Katzmann and his audiophile friends who are collecting all the charting top 40 hits heard on Sydney radio station 2UE from 1956 to 1974.




Candice Tan was born in Newcastle NSW and although she is currently in high school, she is making a reputation for herself singing Blues and Jazz.

She has a very melodic voice but can certainly belt out some big notes when she needs to. She regularly performs live and and has gigs at Stockton Bowling Club as well as other venues around Newcastle.

Candice has allowed me to share "And I'm Telling You, I'm Not Going" which was one of the tracks from her first CD. She was about age 15 when she recorded this one.

If you want to know more about Candice or make a booking please e-mail me at: tommytop58 (at) yahoo.com.au or write to her care of
Email: oriole@singnet.com.sg

Here is the link to "And I'm Telling You, I'm Not Going":



Formed as The New World Trio in the late 60's in Brisbane, Australia, and armed with a recording contract with Albert Productions, John Kane, John Lee, and Mel Noonan first hit the local Top 40 charts at the end of 1968/start of 1969, with their version of “Try To Remember (The Kind Of September)”. Their first single "Feed The Birds" released in 1968 had failed to chart.

In early 1971 they went to England and began working the club circuit. This led to an appearance on the UK talent quest show Opportunity Knocks where they became popular winners. Sadly, later they were tried at the Old Bailey for trying to fix the outcome of the show on which they appeared but it was never proven. They allegedly asked friends to send in bogus votes.

The trio, now billed simply as New World, signed with producer Mickie Most to his fledgling RAK Records label. In 1971 they released a version of the Joe South song Rose Garden, beating the Lynn Anderson international hit version in the UK.

In the early seventies New World were regular guests on the BBC TV show The Two Ronnies, and it is clear they were being pitched at more than just teeny-boppers. Sophisticated pop is an oxymoron, but Mickie Most was a shameless promoter who'd try anything to get his acts into the public's eye!

Their first big breakthrough in Oz was the 1971 single “Tom Tom Turnaround” - originally penned by Chinn and Chapman for the UK group The Sweet.

New World’s next single was "Kara Kara"/"Lord Of The Dance" in late 1971 which got to #19 in Oz. In some places the b-side charted well and in fact in my part of Oz at the time (Northcoast NSW), the other side wasn't given much airplay at all.

In May 1972 they released their biggest selling record, "Sister Jane", which was a Top 10 hit in Britain and Australia.

The next single flopped in the UK, it was the original version of Chinn and Chapman's "Living Next Door To Alice" - although it did make the charts in Oz, reaching #13 in March 1973.

Their next release, Chinn and Chapman’s "Rooftop Singing" just missed out on the UK Top 50, only getting as high as #51 but in Oz it was #34 in 1973.

The hits dried up for a while. It was not until 4 years later they scored a Top 40 hit with "Homemade Sunshine". In the interim they had become regular performers on TV shows. .


Feed The Birds 1968
Try To Remember 1969 AUS #11
Rose Garden 1970 UK #15
Tom Tom Turnaround 1971 UK #6, GER #10, AUS #11
Kara Kara/Lord Of The Dance 1971 UK #17, GER #31, AUS #39
Sister Jane 1972 UK #9, AUS #4
Living Next Door to of Alice 1973 AUS #13
I'll Catch The Sun 1973
Something's Wrong 1973
Rooftop Singing 1973 UK #50, AUS #34
Old Shep 1974
Do It Again 1974
Sweet Dreams 1974
I'm A Clown 1975
Sitting in The Sun 1976
But Not Afraid To Dream 1976
Homemade Sunshine 1977 AUS #33

Here for download is a 6 minute Tom Mix 12" version of "Rooftop Singing":



The legendary Oz rock group The Master's Apprentices have everything released on CD and there is very little left to find or collect for the avid/rabid fan...

So, I thought I would start 2010 with a new extended mix of the old stereo album version of "Turn Up Your Radio" which has left-right interplay that you can't discern in the mono single mix....I consider the opening of this track as one of the most recognisable Oz riffs ever recorded.


Undecided 1967 #6

War Or Hands Of Time 1967 #6

Buried & Dead 1967 #20

She's My Girl 1967 #20

Undecided (EP) ~ Undecided 1967 #10

Undecided (EP) ~ Hot Gully Wind 1967 #10

Undecided (EP) ~ Buried & Dead 1967 #10

Undecided (EP) ~ She's My Girl 1967 #10

Living in a Child's Dream 1967 #10

Elevator Driver 1968 #19

Brigette 1968 #20

Linda Linda 1969 #19

Merry Go Round 1969 #19

5.10 Man 1969 #5

Think About Tomorrow Today 1970 #6

A Dog, A Siren And Memories 1970 #6

Turn Up Your Radio 1970 #11

Because I Love You 1971 #10

I'm Your Satisfier 1971 #10

Future Of Our Nation 1971 #16

Love Is 1972 #21

Because I Love You (Remix) 1988 #20

Turn Up Your Radio (Cake Mix) w/ Hoodoo Gurus 1995 #60

The picture cover shown above was one of the first EPs I ever purchased and is quite rare to find nowadays...it didn't make it to the list of charting singles shown above. It contained the title track and "5:10 Man", "Merry-Go-Round" and "Think About Tomorrow"...

Here for download is an extended Tom Mix version of
"Turn Up Your Radio":