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1970s rock group Hush were very popular on Countdown and other TV shows because they were originally glam rockers with lots of sequins and the girls just loved them. As the group matured the outfits became satin and much later towards the end of their chart run, leather!


Get The Feeling 1973 #14

Walking 1974 #26

Bonie Moronie 1975 #5

Glad All Over 1975 #8

Rough, Tough and Ready 1976 #29

Lies /Too Young To Know 1976 #25

Sunday 1977 #34

Nothing Stays The Same Forever 1977 #39

One of their 1974 hits "Walking" has been released on CD. It has appeared on a Hush Greatest Hits CD and on various artist CD compilations but most of the time compilers get the wrong version issued.

Here for download are 2 versions of "Walking" in a zip file. One is the 7" single version and one is the album version. They were recorded at different sessions and don't have the same production values. The 7" single mix is very polished and the album version sounds almost like a live recording.

They are in a zip file with a password: http://tommixmusic.blogspot.com/

Both songs have been on CD as mentioned - originally the album version was slightly longer than the 7" single mix but for this download I have reversed the positions and extended the 7" single mix and edited the album mix. Enjoy!



  1. Thanks for this Tom - much appreciated. Another one for the Aussie Collection.
    Cheers mate

  2. Follow-up single to Get the Feeling was a great little track called Maneater. I think it on Midoz somewhere

  3. For goodness sake, man, leave the damned songs the way they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!