Taste consisted of Ken Murdoch, Virgil Donati, Michael Tortoni and Joey Amenta. They were a major force in Australia’s rock world in the late 70s. Taste was dubbed Australia’s answer to UK group Queen, and after two albums they really looked like taking the next step to bigger and better things. The sound they produced was solid rock. The other pop groups at the time were singing about teen parties and girls but Taste went in their own direction with more sophisticated lyrics. They produced 2 albums: Tickle Your Fancy and Knights Of Love.


Tickle Your Fancy 1976 #22
Degenerate Fool 1976 #87
Boys Will Be Boys 1977 #17
A Little Romance 1977 #36
Rebecca 1977 #92

In 2006 there was industry talk that the 2 albums by Taste would be given a CD release as a 2-on-1 compilation but a few years on and sadly nothing has happened.

Here for download is their first single "Tickle Your Fancy" in a zip file - no password. This is a complete wave file and may take some time to download. The reason I did it like this is because the mp3 versions currently available on other blog sites have flaws towards the end and when played loud are very noticeable. This is the best quality version of this song you will find to date. Enjoy!


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  1. HI Tom,

    Stumbled across your site looking for some quality Taste , any chance to do both full albums in WAV ? still looking for a cd release but sadly can't really see it happening.
    Much appreciated if you can do this.