Oz band Cattletruck from Melbourne had a short pop career and produced a number of singles but none did as well as "Resurrection Shuffle" in 1988.

This track was originally done by UK group Ashton, Gardner and Dyke in the early 1970s and was a #16 hit in many parts of Oz. In the early 1980s the song was released again on RCA records as a 12" mix by Tony Ashton and Linda Hayes and was given a 6 minute make-over...at roughly the same time other international bands had cover versions competing for chart action.

Late in Nov 1987 Oz band Cattletruck put out various versions of the song which got to #33 nationally. All were at varying lengths and given different names: "Resurrection Shuffle" (Marty Party Mix), "Resurrection Shuffle" (Double Shuffle Mix), "Resurrection Shuffle" (Album Mix) and "Resurrection Shuffle" (Single Mix).


Leave Me 1987 #38
Rain 1987 #41
Resurrection Shuffle 1988 #33

Here for download is an extended Tom Mix version of Cattletruck's "Resurrection Shuffle":


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