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Judy Stone was born 1st January 1942. She is an Australian pop singer from Granville Sydney, who came to national prominence in the early 1960s through her regular TV appearances on the pop music show Brian Henderson's Bandstand and her many hit records. As a young performer she sang country music and was billed as The Cowgirl from Granville.

Since the Bandstand days, she has appeared on every major T.V. show in Australia and demand for her appearances has remained constant. Such is her popularity, that Judy has been invited to perform with many international artists on their Australian tours. She also appeared on the very successful Long Way To The Top tour which featured her old pals Col Joye and Little Pattie.

Judy’s early hits from the 1960s appear on a triple CD released by Festival/Spin called 4,003,221 Tears From Now.

The song that gained Judy a National Award in 1974, "Would You Lay With Me In A Field of Stone", coupled with "Mare, Mare, Mare", earned Judy the distinction of being the first Australian female entertainer to have two records concurrently in the Top 40.


You're Driving Me Mad 1961 #19
I'll Step Down 1962 #5
Mommie And Daddy We're Twistin' 1962 #17
Finders Keepers 1962 #18
4,003,221 Tears From Now 1964 #8
Born a Woman 1966 #10
Don't Touch Me 1967 #38
Day By Day 1971 #4
Mare, Mare, Mare (Keep Safe My Love) 1974 #13
Would You Lay With Me In A Field Of Stone 1974 #3
Where Are The Clowns 1974 #39
Silver Wings and Golden Rings 1976 #30
Hasta Manana 1976 #21

In 1976, "Silver Wings and Golden Rings" firmly established Judy in the country pop scene and her cover version of "Hasta Mana" confirmed her popularity, with her version outselling the competing Abba original.

Her last hits are rarely released on CD as Judy changed from Festival to Polydor after 1971. Thankfully, the Oz branch of the Reader’s Digest Company have released most of her later work on CD.

For download are 2 versions of "Silver Wings and Golden Rings" - The 7” single mix from vinyl and an extended Tom Mix 12” version mixed from the stereo CD version - both in a zip file...



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