Clarence Lancelot "Buster" Noble (b:1913 - d:1990) is an Oz legend. He was a singer, dancer, comedian and radio star from the 1940s to the 1970s. Buster was an all rounder.

He married entertainer Helen De Paul in 1941. They had two daughters Amanda Noble and Patricia Ann Ruth Noble aka Patsy Ann Noble aka Tricia Noble, who was a TV star and singer. After WW2 the Nobles joined the Tivoli circuit of variety entertainment and worked around Australia and New Zealand in such shows as
Stars and Garters, Atomic Blondes, Sit Back and Laugh and Let's Make it a Party. Helen was a singer/dancer and straight woman and "Buster" the comic who played the ukelele and tap-danced. Buster also entertained Australian troops overseas and de Paul went with him to Korea in the early 1950s.

After returning to Oz, Helen worked on early TV shows and was responsible for choreographing the Vegemite commercials of the 1950s which celebrated their 50th anniversary recently and are still shown on TV in a colourised format.

"Buster" had a lot of novelty singles released over the years and one of his better known ones "The Pommy Jackaroo" from 1962 has only been on CD once to my knowledge which is frustratingly sad for fans as it was deleted long ago. One of his other hits was "The Young Camp Stockman" from 1973.

Here for download is "The Pommy Jackaroo":



  1. Thanks a lot. I haven't heard that for years and years and YEARS!

  2. do you know when buster recorded Wild koala bear?