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"Dance You Fool, Dance" came out in 1979 as the b-side of the single of "Ooh Child" - a lovely song which listeners were not into at the time of release. Radio DJs turned it over and played "Dance You Fool, Dance"as it was more accessible for the average punter and showed off Marcia's dynamic range and vocal capabilities. It got to #46 nationally and sold well in Adelaide. In 1980 the "Ooh Child" / "Dance You Fool, Dance" single was released in the UK (see label above).

Marcia Hines, was sharing the credits with a singing couple she was trying to help crack the local market - Terry Young and Monalisa. They eventually had singles released under their own names.

The single edit of "Dance You Fool, Dance" has not been issued on CD, only the longer album cut.

Here for download is the single edit of "Dance You Fool, Dance":


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