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The Mixtures were aptly named. Their decade-long career included some very notable successes, including major Australian and international hits, but the group really never developed a consistent musical style or image and, like so many of their Oz contemporaries, the group was subject to repeated line-up changes in its later years. Beginning as one of many 'beat' acts slogging it out on the Melbourne scene in the mid-60s, they gradually gained national prominence over the next few years. In 1970, with a completely different line-up, The Mixtures scored two successive #1 Australian singles. By the time they split in 1976 The Mixtures' personnel list had changed several more times - as had their musical style - and their short-lived fame had passed.

Band Members:

Laurie Arthur (guitar, vocals) 1965-67
Greg Cook (drums, vocals) 1970 - March 1971
John Creech (drums, vocals) 1965-70
Rod De Clerk (bass, vocals) 1965-67
Buddy England (vocals) June 1969 - March 1970
Mick Flinn (bass) 1967- May 1972
Dennis Garcia (organ) 1967
Mick Holden (drums) early 1971
Gary Howard (drums) 1970-71
Alan "Edgell" James (bass) late 1966
Idris Jones (vocals) late 1967- June 1969; 1970; 1971
Don Lebler (drums) April 1971 - 1976
Chris Spooner (bass) May 1972 - 1976
Fred Weiland (guitar) 1967
Peter Williams (vocals, guitar) 1971-76

Singles Discography:

1965 "Koko Joe" / "I've Been Wrong"
1966 "Come On Out" / "Lose Your Money"
1968 "Music, Music, Music" / "Maria" #33
1968 "Same Old Song" / "Never Trust In Tomorrow" #43
1969 "Here Comes Love Again" / "Fancy Meeting You Here" #48
1970 "Ten Thousand Children" / "Call Me Do"
1970 "In The Summertime" / "Where Were You" #1
1970 "The Pushbike Song" / "Who Loves Ya" #1
1971 "Henry Ford" / "Home Away From Home" #25
1971 "Never Can Be Untrue" / "She's Gone Away"
1971 "Captain Zero" / "I Wanna Go Home" #7
1973 "I Dazzle Easy Diane" / "Found Out Where It's At" #29
1973 "My Home On The Murrumbidgee" / "Slow Train"
1973 “Guitar Song”
1974 "Down Under Girls" / "Neck Of The Woods"
1976 “Love Is Life”
1975 “Skateboard Jive” / “Come Together For The Games”

Here for download is their last single "Skateboard Jive" from a German pressing on the Ariola label (see cover picture above stating "top hit" in Oz - really it's a kind of false advertising!!!):


  1. Hello... My name is Chris Diack, CEO Classic Gold Radio Network in New Zealand. I have been trying to locate a copy for airplay of the Mixtures - Music Music Music. I actually had the New Zealand release back in 67-68 but it has since disappeared. Can you help.

    Thank you

    Chris Diack

    1. Hi Chris.
      I just uploaded a copy of the A side & flip side (They Call The Wind) Maria, to YouTube.
      The uploads are from the original 45, and possibly not FM quality, but, you may be able to work some magic on them in the production studio.

      My Youtube channel is named: theflipsidedkid