Jane Clifton was born 1949 in Gibraltar and moved to Perth WA where she was able to make a transition into the music business by 1965. In the late 1970s she fronted a pop group called Stiletto. Stiletto were an "alternative / pseudo feminist" band who clawed their way onto Countdown according to Jane. The band lasted from 1976 to 1978. Her biggest single with Stiletto was called "Bluebirds".

Jane continued to make headway in music as a solo artist until she got a #13 national hit single with "Girl On The Wall" in 1984.

Jane has not only been a singer but she has also done TV, appeared on stage and written books. She regularly does public speaking and radio. She is an all-rounder.

Here for download is "Bluebirds":


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    Hi I'm looking for Stiletto the song is woman in a man world can you help me with this