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Joe and the Falcons had an interesting live e.p. put out in 1978 called "Live, Loud and Clear". It has shown up on other blogs but I thought I'd convert my old 45rpm and put it here as a non-stop version.

The 5 songs being spread over 2 vinyl sides originally, have now been condensed to a 19 minute live show for your listening pleasure.

The songs are in a zip file.

The password is:

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DOWNLOAD NO.290 - OL' 55

The rock band Ol' 55 had some memorable top 40 hits when they first burst onto the scene in the mid 1970s then they went off the boil when Frankie J. Holden left to go solo. By the time they finished up they were recording sound-a-like medleys of oldies a bit like the Stars On 45 people....

"(I Want A) Rockin' Christmas" came out in 1976 and was still on the play lists in January 1977 when it was yanked because that's when Christmas hits are supposedly removed from radio play lists....it was done so when still at number one in Melbourne. In fact, it was number one for almost 7 weeks before it was dropped.

A version of the song has been released on CD, on a Festival collection called "Spin Into Christmas" but the version on CD is a remixed longer cut. The CD mix is from the Russell Crowe movie "The Sum Of Us" and was remixed by the original producer Charles Fisher. The original single was also 22 seconds shorter and had less bass.

Here for download is the original single version sung by Frankie J. Holden also starring Rockpile Jones and Wilbur Wilde. It was written by bassist Jim Manzie and Glenn A. Baker (manager).




Jenny Morris born 1956 NZ started singing in the 1970s firstly in the NZ bands Wide Mouthed Frogs and The Crocodiles then she moved to Oz in the 1980s and was a member of the group QED.

Jenny slowly branched out on her own and had a massive solo career starting in the mid 1980s. One of her first big hits was "You're Gonna Get Hurt" in 1986. The extended 12" version has not been on CD and as far as I know and the flip side called "Cool" has not made it to the digital medium.

Here for download, courtesy of one of my regular contributors Neil, is the original extended 12" mix of
"You're Gonna Get Hurt":




Adam Brand is a great ambassador for Australian country music and has been in the business for years. He was born in 1970 in Perth but he moved east in the 1990s.

He has numerous singles to his credit...

"Grandpa's Piano"
"Dirt Track Cowboys"
"Last Man Standing"
"Get Loud"
"She's Country"
"Open Ended Heartache"
"Can't Live Without Your Love"
"That Changes Everything"
"Cigarettes & Whiskey"
"Get On Down The Road"
"Comin' From"
"Khe Sanh"
"Blame It On Eve"

In 1996 when I moved to Scone NSW I was lucky enough to meet Adam. He called into my school one day and gave a free concert for the students. I remember he held the student body spellbound for a good 2 hours - which is hard to do, when the children ranged in age from 5 to 12. He was also kind enough to sign one of my CD singles (cover picture above) as well as sign numerous other items for the students. He was very generous with his time..

Adam has a number of fans around the world and the following link will take you to a foreign fan's blog:


Here for download is an extended Tom Mix version of his 1996 hit "Grandpa's Piano":




Tim Finn, Crowded House and Split Enz have other songs on this blog. Please use the search facility to locate them.

Tim's 1986 album "Big Canoe" had a dance oriented song called "So Deep" which was given an instrumental release on the flipside of the 12" of "Spiritual Hunger". The song "So Deep" was possibly going to be released as a single but must have been shelved.

By combining both the instrumental mix with the album version of "So Deep" I have created an extended Tom Mix version.

Here for download is the Tom Mix 12" of "So Deep":




Christie Allen has other songs on this blog and chart listings...please use the search facility to locate both.

Here is the extended Tom Mix 12" of Christie's big hit "Goosebumps" which was originally less than 3 mins long.

The Tom Mix 12" version is almost 5 mins.

If you have a system that has surround sound or quadraphonic sound this mix is a real treat toward the end. Enjoy!




Renee Geyer has other songs on this blog. Please use search facility to locate them.

Oz songbird Renee Geyer is still releasing new tracks but her old extended mixes from the 1980s have not yet made it to CD.

One of her lesser known tracks, a slow rocker called "Love So Sweet", came out in 1982. It is an Oz composition - click label for more details. The song was recorded in Sydney and was backed with the 7" single mix and the flip side from the single called "I've Got News For You".

Here for download is the original 12" mix of
"Love So Sweet" :



Christie Allen has other songs on this blog. Please use search facility to locate them.

Christie had some great dance oriented hits none of which had a 12" dance mix or extended version officially released. Her first dance hit "Goosebumps" was followed by some slower singles then she bounced back a year later with another dance oriented hit "He's My Number One".


You Know That I Love You 1978 #13
Falling In Love With Only You 1979 #20
Goose Bumps 1979 #9
Magic Rhythm 1980 #28
Baby Get Away 1980 #28

He's My Number One 1980 #5
Don't Put Out The Flame 1981 #40

For download is an extended 5:00 mins Tom Mix version of "He's My Number One":




Tim Finn has other postings on this blog please use the search facility to locate them.

Tim Finn (born New Zealand) had numerous hits which are currently being re-issued on CD here in Oz but his magnificent 12" remixes have not yet been issued. His work encompasses Crowded House, Split Enz and the Finn Bros.

His hit "No Thunder No Fire No Rain" is about the tragic 1984 chemical accident in Bhopal India. Not a great topic for a song you'd think but the 12" mix which goes about 7:00 mins is full of haunting moments. The single version runs about 5:00 mins but doesn't have the same ambiance.

Here for download is the 12" of
"No Thunder No Fire No Rain" courtesy of N. Judd from WA.