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Sherbet had a big pop career spanning many years. Their singles were glossy and well produced. One of the 1974 singles, "
So Glad You're Mine", has been ignored by the compilers as the original single version hasn't yet been issued on CD.

There were 3 versions made: One was the original album version running 3:35 mins which shows up on CDs all the time - strangely, it was not issued on a vinyl album for some time after another re-make version was issued. There was an edited mix of the first version called the single mix running 2:49 mins (shown above) and the third one was a new re-make which was issued on their next vinyl album.

According to notes from the Sherbet CD anthology the group were not happy with the first version as Darryl had a bad cold and hit a few raw notes...so they did the re-make to remedy this situation. It confused the buying public as the next album they issued didn't have the single version on it.

I always liked the first version, warts and all, as it sounds more immediate and catchy.

Here for download is a 12" Tom Mix of "
So Glad You're Mine" (extended from the first single version):



  1. What the hell is it with you, man? You have so many great songs on your blog but insist on ruining them with your ridiculous extended mixes!

  2. Anonymous thanks to idiots like you who complain that's what eventually made me give up on this site!! Well done you!