The Dee Jays were an early 1960's backing group that mostly worked for Festival records, Lee Gordon or Johnny O'Keefe. They started work with Johnny O'Keefe in 1958 (same year I was born) and can be heard backing many of Johnny's early hits.

Some of the Dee Jay's instrumental work has made it to CD, on a release called "Brian Henderson's Band Stand" but it has been out of print ever since the multinationals took over the Festival vaults...the singles "Twistin' Drums" and "Hoots, Mon" are found on this CD.

In late 1961 they put out a double sided record called "Off Shore" backed by "Toy Balloons", a song which had previously been a hit in some parts of the world for Russ Conway. As usual the radio stations ended up playing the b-side and in January 1962 it charted really well in Sydney where it got to #28.


Straight Flush / When The Saints Go Marching In 1960
Steppin' Out / Straighten Up 1960
Twistin' Drums / Shake 1962
Off Shore / Toy Balloons 1962 #28
Big Daddy / Lost Love 1963
Hoots, Mon / Auf Wiederseh'n, My Dear
Sunday Patrol / Barbeque 1964

It Must Be Love / Tell Me How You Feel 1964 (as "Catfish" and The Dee Jays - "Catfish" is the pet name of the drummer).

If you look at the label pictures above you will note the band member's names are included and that the combination of musos change on either track. On the a-side you will also see that the song is billed as "The Dee Jays with Strings".

This record is courtesy of Jimmy Barnes. The sound is superb as the tracks are pristine. The transfer on both sides is almost CD quality...and because they are both excruciatingly short I have extended both sides out to the 3 minute mark.

They are in a zip file with pictures of the labels included. No password.


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