This download is for Australia Day 2010. It contains 20 really, really rare Oz songs which play for 60 minutes. They are in one large 320KB mono mp3 file.

Happy Australia Day 2010!


Billy Thorpe - "Sunshine Friends (Australia Day)"
Angie Pepper - "Frozen World"
Chullora Junction - "3801"
Colin Cook - "Brylcreem & Blue Suede Shoes"
Digi.Tal - "Say So"
Pam & The Pashions - "Summertime (All Around The World)"
Peter Wells - "Between The Saddle & The Ground"
Allan Caswell - "The Australia's Cup"
Albie Wilde & The Dayglos - "Hey Ciao"
XL Capris - "World War 3"
XL Capris - "Igloos"
Vixen - "Cover Up Story"
D Generation - "Theme To D Generation"
Clayton Davis - "The Cricket Song"
Cobbers - "The Endangered Species"
Adrian Campbell - "Listen To The Radio"
Johnny Devlin - "Panel Van"
Maryanne 'Mouse' Davidson - "R2 D2 I Love You"
Finch - "One More Time"
Tim & Debbie - "Australia You're Standing In It"

Just some info for youse all:

Maryanne Davidson is the daughter of Frankie Davidson. Frankie wrote this track for his daughter in the 1980s.

Clayton Davis is technically not an Oz artist but everyone else on the record is.

Digi.Tal is a Leon Burger production.

Billy Thorpe's song is a demo restored from a cassette.

Pam Burridge, surfing superstar, is the lead singer of Pam and The Pashions.

Angela Pepper went to school with my wife at Newcastle Girl's High. Her first group was called "The Hereafter" and they won a local talent show. After finishing school she went to Sydney and got a job as the vocalist for a punk band called "The Passengers". They had a single out called "Face With No Name". She married Radio Birdman co-founder Deniz Tek and they worked together in the Angie Pepper Band with a young Clyde Bramley who went into the Hoodoo Gurus and a former Saints' drummer, Ivor Hay. Their single "Frozen World" was recorded in 1984 - her work from both bands has been issued on a Citadel CD in 2001 called "It's Just That I Miss You".

Chullora Junction's track "3801" is about the steam train that used to go through Newcastle to Sydney.

Allan Caswell has written some very cute and funny songs over the years, one being "G'day" which is used in most primary schools as your typical Oz song for greeting foreigners. "The Australia's Cup" is a humourous look at the yachting fraternity.

The Cobbers run their own music and lyric site and have many pages of info at: http://www.cobbersbushband.com/the_songs.htm

Peter Wells passed away in 2006. He was a member of the groups Buffalo and Rose Tattoo to name a few. He was an excellent slide guitarist.

Gaetano Scollo played "Albie Wilde". The Dayglos were Fiona Corke "Gail", Nick Carrafa "Tony" and Annie Jones "Jane". The flip side of this record has a "Midnight Mix" version.

Colin Cook had numerous hits in the 1960s. But this 1980s rocker got ignored. The flip side has an extended version of the track called "Be Bop & Blue Suede Shoes".

The Adrian Campbell song "Listen To The Radio" is a Peter Best number.

The D Generation and Tim & Debbie tracks are TV themes.

Vixen was a loud all girl Oz group recorded by Festival records, not to be confused with another group from America.

XL Capris had a goodly sized Sydney hit with "WW3" but none of their other 4 single charted.

Johnny Devlin's track "Panel Van" is on RCA and as we all know RCA have closed their vaults to many old Oz tracks. The flip side is called "I Can't Go - I Can't Stay" and was issued as the b-side on an ATA single called "Heartbreak Hotel". It is the exact same recording so does this mean ATA and RCA own an identical song?

In 1973 they were Stillwater, by 1974 they were Finch and they had a moderate career in Oz, then they changed their name to Contraband in 1978 when they went off to conquer America. They folded in 1979. Mark Evans who was bass player in this band was one of the original members of AC/DC 1975-77. Mark came from Melbourne. Newcastle's Dave Evans was also a founding member of AC/DC and is not a relation.

All songs courtesy of Jimmy Barnes, one of my regular contributors.

Happy Australia Day, one and all!



  1. Many thanks for these Tom, in particular "The Australia's Cup". That one has been very hard to find until now.


  2. Thanks heaps Tom, this is awesome. I thought i'd never find XL Capris or The Australia's Cup.

  3. wow the d gen theme! thanks man!

  4. Some great rare singles here Tom, but why just one file? Too bad if anyone wants to skip over any track(s) they don't like. I only really wanted Allan Caswell's "The Australia's Cup" but thought there may have been some nice surprises among the ones I don't know. Now I have downloaded a file which is useless to me as it is. Disappointed Tom..same as the recent albums also in long files.. please start separating these tracks mate

  5. Hey Tom - I have been looking for that "R2D2 I Love You" song for about 10 years...awesome work! When I click on the RapidShare link, however, it says "file not found".

    Please - please - please - can you upload this again?

  6. Hi Tom
    Lots of great info. Shame lots of great Oz stuff will be lost in spite of your efforts. Also no luck on any of the files I tried with the Rapid Share link. Also can't believe much of this is not available on CD (also Dave and The Derros, Monte Video and Rockwell T James) Thanks John W