Real Life came from Melbourne and hit the big time with their debut single “Send Me An Angel” in 1983. They had numerous charting singles around the world and sold well in foreign lands. Some of their 1984 remixes have not yet made it to CD.


Send Me An Angel” (1983) charted in about nine countries: #6 Australia, #18 New Zealand, #1 Germany, #2 Switzerland, #19 Canada, #29 USA, #9 Austria, #4 Sweden and #19 Spain.

Openhearted” (1983) got to #32 Australia.

Catch Me I’m Falling” (1984) charted in about four countries: #8 Australia, #40 USA, #9 Germany and #12 Switzerland.

Master Mix E.P.” (1984) got to #45 Australia.

Face To Face” (1985) charted in two countries: #32 Australia and #52 Germany.

Send Me An Angel ‘89” (1989) charted in three countries: #51 Australia, #22 New Zealand, #26 USA.

Let’s Fall In Love” (1989) got to #22 USA.

Good Tonight” (1990) charted in three countries: #47 Australia, #15 Sweden and #9 USA.

Kiss The Ground” (1991) got to #27 USA.

The 1984 Master Mix E.P. was on coloured vinyl and consisted of 5 remixes of the songs: “Send Me An Angel”, “Openhearted”, “Catch Me I’m Falling”, “Always” and “Exploding Bullets”. These are rare mixes which have not yet made it to mainstream CDs.

NB. Coloured vinyl is not the best type of media for reproducing good quality sound but my transfer is pretty good, considering...

The first download is the Master Mix 1984 set of mixes in 320KB stereo mp3 files. The password is the same old one you find on previous posts.


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