The legendary Oz rock group The Master's Apprentices have everything released on CD and there is very little left to find or collect for the avid/rabid fan...

So, I thought I would start 2010 with a new extended mix of the old stereo album version of "Turn Up Your Radio" which has left-right interplay that you can't discern in the mono single mix....I consider the opening of this track as one of the most recognisable Oz riffs ever recorded.


Undecided 1967 #6

War Or Hands Of Time 1967 #6

Buried & Dead 1967 #20

She's My Girl 1967 #20

Undecided (EP) ~ Undecided 1967 #10

Undecided (EP) ~ Hot Gully Wind 1967 #10

Undecided (EP) ~ Buried & Dead 1967 #10

Undecided (EP) ~ She's My Girl 1967 #10

Living in a Child's Dream 1967 #10

Elevator Driver 1968 #19

Brigette 1968 #20

Linda Linda 1969 #19

Merry Go Round 1969 #19

5.10 Man 1969 #5

Think About Tomorrow Today 1970 #6

A Dog, A Siren And Memories 1970 #6

Turn Up Your Radio 1970 #11

Because I Love You 1971 #10

I'm Your Satisfier 1971 #10

Future Of Our Nation 1971 #16

Love Is 1972 #21

Because I Love You (Remix) 1988 #20

Turn Up Your Radio (Cake Mix) w/ Hoodoo Gurus 1995 #60

The picture cover shown above was one of the first EPs I ever purchased and is quite rare to find nowadays...it didn't make it to the list of charting singles shown above. It contained the title track and "5:10 Man", "Merry-Go-Round" and "Think About Tomorrow"...

Here for download is an extended Tom Mix version of
"Turn Up Your Radio":


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  1. Absoloutely the BEST OF THE BEST Luved them since I was 16yrs old now I am 62 when they were not heard of for many yrs we got on the radio & pushed them to play Master Apprentices & slowly but surely people wanted more following there every move All the best the nicest guys I ever met not to mention there music