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Recently, on another Oz music forum called Midoztouch, a note was posted saying that we here in Oz had very few 12" mixes made during the 1970s...I agree that we had few, but in the good old days we did have some extended mixes of songs posted on 7" singles before the vinyl presses and machines were shipped to Oz to make the longer 12" records.

Here is one such example, Donnie Sutherland had the longer disco version of his track "Dancin' Man" placed on the back of the regular 7". The a-side is short about 3.30 mins but the flip is 5:38 mins.

An issue I faced when ripping this track was that the longer b-side version was almost half the volume of the a-side. This was often the case when longer songs were issued on vinyl 7" singles, when songs were half-volume they took up less space in the grooves of the record....this is why when you listen to old K-Tel albums you notice that the volumes are softer (compressed), so as to get ten songs on each side of their albums.

Tony Hatch, who wrote so many songs with his then wife Jackie Trent, was responsible for "Dancin' Man (Disco Version)" not only did he write it but was the record producer as well.

The record is courtesy of regular contributor Jimmy Barnes. Many thanks Jim, when I get the time there will be more old rare songs to come. He has left a parcel of Oz songs for me to upload and share...


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