This year to celebrate Australia Day I am posting an old Oz pop anthem.

In 1984 GANGgajang hit the top 40 with a track called "Sounds Of Then (This Is Australia)". It has gone on to be used on a number of occasions at important ceremonies and functions and is a perennial Oz favourite. I think the group should have called the track "This Is Australia" as nobody actually remembers it by its proper title...when it was first released it was just called "Sounds Of Then" without the bracketed after part.

There has never been an official 12" of the song but various mixes of the single were issued. By combining these various alternate mixes I have made a new 8 minute mix. All the alternate mixes were from CD so the quality of my new mix is amazingly good. My new version is called: "This Is Australia (Sounds Of Then Ext Tom Mix)"

The group have their own web page at http://www.ganggajang.com/

Play it loud on Australia Day.



  1. I have always thought that this should be Australias National Anthem - at least more people know the words to it.

  2. nice one. I was unaware of different mixes/versions of this song.