Stephen Donald Cummings (born 13 September 1954 Melbourne) is an Australian singing legend and in his spare time he writes novels.

Stephen hit his straps in 1976 working as vocalist for the Oz group The Sports but before then he was in the Pelaco Brothers formed in 1974.

His solo career started with 4 charting singles and then he slowly became less interested in top 40 hits and spent more time crafting his own style.


1982 "We All Make Mistakes" #89
1983 "Stuck on Love" #76
1983 "Backstabbers" #40
1984 "Gymnasium" #27
1984 "Another Kick in the Head"
1985 "What Am I Going to Do?" #80
1986 "This Wonderful Life"
1986 "Speak with Frankness" #83
1986 "Love Is Crucial but Money, that's Everything"
1988 "Some Prayers Are Answered"
1988 "My Willingness"
1988 "A Life Is a Life" #89
1989 "Your House Is Falling" #67
1989 "When the Day Is Done"
1990 "Family Affair"
1990 "Hell (You've Put Me Through)" #33
1990 "Stand Up (Love Is the Greatest)"
1992 "I've got a Lot of Faith in You"
1992 "If I Had some Money I'd Go away Tonight"
1992 "Keep the Ball Rolling"

He also sang the ultra catchy jingle “I Feel Better Now” for Medicare.

In the days of vinyl his first 2 singles were given 12" treatments - nothing too startling but different enough to charge the punters a couple of dollars more.

Here for download is his original 12" version of
"Stuck On Love":



  1. Hi Tom, Any chance of a 12inch version of Gymnasium. Cheers

  2. Hi Tom,me again.It looks like its been a while since you've been on here.Hurry back.I know you'd have a 12" copy of (Gymnasium).:) Please upload a link.