The Proclaimers were an Oz group from the early 1970s. They started in Melbourne and their lead singer was Johnathan Sommers.

Click the following link to an information site about him: http://thefoolandtheopera.blogspot.com/2008/12/podcast-jonathan-summers.html.

I don't know what happened to the Oz group but they had a few Christian music singles and then folded after 1974.

The song "Jesus Christ, What A Man" is a country ballad with nice slide guitar work. It came out in 1971 on the Fable label. It got to #47 nationally.

The follow-up singles were: "One More Mountain To Climb" in 1972 which got to #32 nationally, and a rather hard to find single called "All His Children" which got to #17 nationally in 1972, but was co-charting with 2 other versions: one by Oz singer Vic Christopher and the other by American singer Charlie Pride.

Their greatest hits CD "Wings Of A Dove" is available as of 2007 on the Fable label but it is missing one of their later singles, "All His Children"...

If you know of or have a copy of the song "All His Children" please let me know so I can send a copy to the folks at Ozburn as it they are searching for it?

Here for download is the mono single mix of
"Jesus Christ, What A Man":


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