The group The Rajahs started as The R'Jays and backed other artists like Digby Richards in the 1950s. In the early 1960s, they had a few singles issued, one of which was "Kiss Me Now". Their original version flopped but later the song hit the top 40 when Johnny Young put it out using the Rajah's arrangement.

Johnny O'Keefe was always unhappy with his first version of the song "Shout", which charted in 1959, so when the opportunity came to re-record it he chose to do it with the Rajahs.

In 1964, after numerous recording attempts, the new version of "Shout" was unleashed on the buying public. It was better produced but the new ending was badly edited and lacklustre. Lulu's version was also doing the rounds at that stage, so it was not surprising the new version of "Shout" did not do the same business the original. It hit the top 40 in three states: #18 Sydney, #35 Brisbane and #22 Adelaide.

On the CD (cover shown above), "Shout" is credited as parts one and two but it not labelled correctly. It is not the full version of this song, it is only part one with an edited piece from part two. If you would like to read more about the group go to this site (click link): http://www.behindtherock.cjb.net/

Here for download is an extended Tom Mix version of the 1964 "Shout".


The Festival File CD (cover shown above) contains many rare old Rajah songs...If you would like to download the original 1964 single version of "Shout" and the other Rajah singles they can be downloaded from Midoztouch - see "my favourite music links" on the left side of this blog.


  1. Hey Tom, Just asked the Rajahs drummer and he said that is not shout parts 1 and two its only part one. looks like you have read behind the rock. re release is next year.