Ray Burton had a career in Oz then went to America and while there cut an album. He came back to Oz and cut his second album which contained the song here for download...

Here is some info from Ray's MySpace site...
"I cut an album of my all my own songs for Paramount Records in the US entitled STRIVE, SEEK AND FIND voted on release as the best album on the American National FM radio charts. Back in Australia after 9 years in the US I recorded a solo album for WARNER BROS entitled Dreamers & Nightflyers using the famous Australian band CROSSFIRE. This album remains one of the most respected musical albums of the time in Australia producing two national hit songs TOO HARD TO HANDLE and PADDINGTON GREEN".

"Too Hard To Handle" got to #40 nationally in March 1978. The record was released in 1977. Produced by the now famous Charles Fisher.

Here for download is "Too Hard To Handle":


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  1. Thanks Tom

    Haven't heard this for over 30 years. I remember this appearing on one of those Polystar compilations, was it Choc-O-Block?