Toni McCann was a 1960s female singer from Oz who went off to England and had some minor success. She started out in Brisbane fronting with the Fabulous Blue Jays.

Some of her singles have been on CD but nobody has compiled a greatest hits for her. You can get the singles: My Baby / No / Saturday Date / If You Don't Come Back, on various compilations from Canetoad music or on the CDs: "Of Hopes And Dreams", "Hot Generation" or "Devil's Children". The last three CDs are sold overseas or you could try at a local import shop.

Here for download is the single of "No":


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  1. I literally just discovered these 4 Toni McCann tracks as inferior MP3s on another website while surfing for Peter Best's 1968 "Carousel of Love" single. I want to buy her collected catalogue on CD! "No", "Saturday Date", "My Baby" & "If You Don't Come Back" all sound Fab! Kinda like the Kinks meet the B-52s. I understand she recorded additional material, but there is NO info about her or her career online! Please post more data about this Babe from Brisbane, thanks.