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Kevin Johnson had a couple of minor hits after releasing his first big hit single "Rock And Roll (I Gave you The Best Years Of My Life)" one of them being "Kedron Brook". The song is in waltz time and the lyrics hark back to an earlier era. The music which is mostly light and melodic has two heavier sections with a swirling full orchestra. Kevin's deep voice gives the song a lovely haunting edge.

Kedron Brook is a creek in Queensland near Brisbane....although I am not positive that this song is actually about this particular spot as there are numerous other Kedron Brooks in the world.

The backing band is "Cool Bananas" which of course is Rory O'Donohue's group. Rory being the Thin Arthur character from the Aunty Jack TV Show. Rory played guitar on many of Kevin's tracks and albums.

The version for download is the mono 7" single mix which is slightly different to the CD and album versions which have been available for some time.


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