Barry Hugh Crocker b: 1935 Geelong Victoria has other songs on this blog. Please use the search facility to locate them.

The 1969 vinyl E.P. here for download is one of those rare Festival releases that has 4 songs put onto a 45 rpm. The sound is quieter than a regular 45, so as to squeeze more songs into the same space. Louder songs need a wider groove pattern and therefore bigger gaps between the grooves...to pack more music onto an E.P. the music is sometimes compressed with the frequency range cut at both ends (bass and treble). The other thing to cut down some space is to have mono versions of the song, which was the case on the Barry Crocker E.P.

The "Please Don't Go" E.P. has the following 4 songs: "Please Don't Go", "My Cup Runneth Over", "If I Ruled The World" and "This Is My Song".

The 4 songs are placed in order and are separated by 2 second gaps. They are in a non-stop 12 minute mp3 file at 320kb.


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  1. I saw Barry Crocker perform at the Flamingo Nightclub in Rockhampton in the early 1980s. He was entertaining, charming, and a heap of fun. Very seasoned professional.