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Jenny Morris left NZ and headed off to Oz, and in 1983 became the lead singer of Q.E.D. which was a group that enjoyed 2 charting hits "Everywhere I Go" which got to #14 in 1984 and "This One" which peaked at #32 in 1984.

Morris formed Q.E.D. with Rex Goh who was an ex-member of the group Air Supply but by 1985 Jenny was already moving into solo work.

Both Q.E.D. songs hit the airwaves just as the 12" extended mix was becoming the norm for dance oriented tracks but none have been issued. The Q.E.D. album "Animal Magic" has been released on CD but is nowadays deleted.

Here for download is an extended 5:30 mins Tom Mix 12" version of "Everywhere I Go". The original single used to be less than 3 mins. I used the CD mix to make this extended version. Enjoy!


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