Ross Ryan always wanted to record and play so he did a quick self-funded set of songs in his local TV studio facility which got the ball rolling. His first single "The Sound Of Peppermint" had minor chart action in March 1972 in Perth his hometown.

This led him to his next venture with a well produced single called "I Don't Want To Know About It" which charted at #16 nationally and also got him recognised overseas with a moderate American promo release. Peter Dawkins was the producer who gave the single a full rich quality akin to an American "west coast" sound. Peter Martin was the guitarist supreme who contributed to the great sounding middle eight section. "I Don't Want To Know About It" won Record of the Year at the Australian Record Federation Awards for 1973. Ryan was also awarded Best New Talent.

He then went into a 5 year period where he made the charts with simple ballad and country rock songs:

"I Am Pegasus" #3
"Orchestra Ladies" #39
"Blue Chevrolet Ballerina" #22
"Sedel (Never Smiled At Me)"

Then Ross hit a dry spell with many singles that just didn't make headway in the top 40 charts (the charts in the late 1970s were punk rock oriented).

"Who Am I"
"Happy Birthday To Me"
"Chaplin And Harlow"
"Hello Stranger"

He is still working and releasing material, old and new. The folks at Aztec music have released some of his old albums on CD with bonus tracks so it is nice to know he is certainly not forgotten.

For download is his old single not yet on CD "Who Am I" which came from the album "Smiling For The Camera":


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