Midnight Oil, was and still is, when they feel like performing, one of the best rock acts in the world. In the years when they charted, many of their songs were given 12" mixes which are wonderful and in some cases better than the known single mixes.

The vinyl 12" of "The Dead Heart" was backed with two song by indigenous bands "Blackfella/Whitefella" by the Warumpi Band and "This Land" by Coloured Stone - you can see a part of the back cover above - click to enlarge. All the tracks on this release were used in the Oz movie "Ularu - An Anangu Story".

For the release of the vinyl 12" of "The Dead Heart" Midnight Oil got a local indigenous artist from Port Stephens (well that's local to me) to make the elaborate cover. If you look on the top picture which is the front cover you can make out the name "Mini" which is the moniker for Mini Heath (who signed on the back for moi).
Back in 1991 when I worked as a school teacher at Anna Bay I asked Mini to sign the cover for me. Mini came to my school every so often to teach the students art and craft techniques. I always loved his work and he was always quiet and thoughtful. All these years later Mini has now had some of his design work incorporated into Paris fashions at Au Printemps. Mini was also the first NSW Aboriginal "Artist of the Year".

For download is the extended remix of "The Dead Heart":



  1. Hey Tom, thanks for this, you've saved me pulling my copy out of its plastic sleeve. Thanks for the background on Mini's cover too!

  2. Oh poo. Didn't realise it was only the A side! - really wanted the Warumpi's track. D'oh!

  3. I think this is the only version around - this was only ever released on 12", there was no 7" release.