The first song in this download is about Doug Walters who retired from cricket in 1981 and had his life immortalised in song by NZ singer Nash Chase. The track is called "Dashing Dougie" - all the recording details are on the cover pictures above. Doug is my wife's uncle and he often visits this blog according to his son to collect old sporting themes and songs. When I did the transfer from vinyl of this song it turned out well, it is almost CD quality.

The second item is from Jon English who was obviously a Parramatta rugby league team supporter at some stage and recorded a single which is included in this download called "Parra Power To Win". Unfortunately the copy is from an old cassette tape and the quality is less than hi-fi but it will make a fine addition to anyone's collection if they are after everything Jon English has recorded. Jimmy Barnes supplied this song warts and all...Jim couldn't recall where it came from so I couldn't track it down to get a better copy...

Both tracks are in a zip file (no password) courtesy of Jimmy Barnes who also supplied the scans. Many thanks, Jimmy B.


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