Daddy Cool is an iconic Oz band that has continued to be in public favour. They still release material when they feel like it!

The main players Gary Young, Wayne Duncan, Ross Hannaford and Ross Wilson have drifted into other projects after the band was established and they were in projects together before it all started. Groups have included: Pink Finks, The Party Machine, Procession, Sons of the Vegetal Mother, Mighty Kong, The Rocking Emus, Mondo Rock, Hot Dog, The Ross Hannaford Trio, The Ol' Skydaddys....the list goes on...

Daddy Cool's philosophy and focus was to create good-time rock and roll which had an nostalgic nudge to the 1950s sound, so the reason I think they still curry favour is because people just can't get enough of the style they chose to honour.

Wayne and Gary are known for their country rock and boogie leanings, Ross Hannaford is a jazz man and Ross Wilson is an all-rounder. They have had solo projects over the years but when put back together the sound they create is awesome.

  • "Eagle Rock" / "Bom Bom" - Sparmac (May 1971) #1
  • "Come Back Again" / "Just As Long As We're Together" - Sparmac (September 1971) #3
  • "Hi Honey Ho" / "Don't Ever Leave Me" (December 1971) #16
  • "Teenage Blues" / "At the Rockhouse" - Sparmac (1972) #83
  • "I'll Never Smile Again" / "Daddy Rocks Off" - Sparmac (July 1972) #16
  • "Rock'n'Roll Lady" / "Cadallacin'" - Sparmac (September 1972) #13
  • "One Night" / "Cadallacin'"(live) - Wizard (July 1973)
  • "Boy, You're Paranoid" (live) / "One Night" (live) - Wizard (July 1973)
  • "Flash in My Head" / "Little Darlin'" / "Boy You're Paranoid" - Wizard (August 1973)
  • "Duke of Earl" / "Jambalaya" - Wizard (September 1973)
  • "All I Wanna Do is Rock (part 1)" / "All I Wanna Do is Rock (part 2)" - Wizard (1974)
  • "The Boogie Man" / "I Was a Teenage Creature" - Wizard (1974)
  • "You Never Can Tell" / "All I Wanna Do is Rock" - Wizard (1974)
  • "Eagle Rock" / "Cadillacin'" (live) - Wizard (January 1981) #17
  • "Eagle Rock" / "Daddy Rocks Off" 12" - Wizard (June 1982)
  • "Come Back Again" (short vers.) / "Come Back Again" (long vers.) - Wizard (September 1982)
  • "Hi Honey Ho" (long vers.) / "Come Back Again" (long vers.) 12" - Wizard (November 1982)
  • "Eagle Rock" / "Come Back Again" - Wizard (October 1986) #28
  • “Eagle Rock Dance Mix”, “Daddy Cool Megamix”, “Eagle Rock 1992” - Mega CD (1992) #19
  • "Ballad of Oz" (1994) #36
  • "The Christmas Bug" (2005)
In 1992 when digital recording technology became more widely used the guys went back to remix "Eagle Rock" their hit from 1971 and created two new versions - an extended 1992 dance mix and a 1992 rock remix (see CD cover above).

While they were in the studio they also created a mega medley of hits, combining 4 songs: "Daddy Who, Daddy Cool", "Come Back Again", Lollipop" and "Eagle Rock '92". This medley was not an attempt to make a non-stop megamix but they cut the four tracks into shorter pieces from the original songs then they placed them one after the other.

In 2009 I decided to make a non-stop megamix combination where the beat doesn't stop and start, like the official medley version. For this megamix I chose "Come Back Again", Eagle Rock 1992" and "Hi Honey Ho". It took a while to work out how to combine them but after many attempts I think I have something pretty good on offer!.

For download are two versions, the official "Daddy Cool Mega Mix" (4:50 mins) from CD and my "Daddy Cool Non-Stop Megamix" (5:50 mins) with components also taken from CD.

They are in a zip file with the password: http://tommixmusic.blogspot.com/


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