John Williamson is a country singer whose songs have become Oz staples...his chart success started in 1970 with "Old Man Emu" and he has not been out of the business since. John's lyrics are often funny and sometimes his words and phrases just sound great to roll off the tongue...

"True Blue" was a smash hit that has become one of those unofficial Oz anthems but strangely the 1986 edited single from the album "Mallee Boy" has not been on a major CD release...as always the longer album copy is thrown on by CD compilers making it hard to track down (click picture above to read details).

N. Judd from WA has sent me the single to clean up and present here as it is one of the few not in my own collection...Neil has also sent some others for inclusion on my sister blog that you can find in the "favourite links" section on the left of this page.
Many thanks Mr Judd.


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