Most people know of Jamie Dunn for his Logie award winning alter ego TV puppet "Agro" or his TV character "Hector Pascals" or they know him from his voice on radio but Jamie is a veteran Oz performer.

He started in the 1960s and after being in a Brisbane band called "Hands Down" where he played drums he went solo. He had two hits under his own name: "Jamie Come Home" in 1975 and "Fun Fun Fun" in 1978. He had a few more hits in the 1990s while singing in character as "Hector Pascals" and as "Agro".

The first hit for Dunn was "Jamie Come Home" a sort of autobiographical tale which tells the tale of his futile struggle to be successful in the music business. It got to #9 in Brisbane and reached the lower end of the top 40 in Sydney.

The album version of this song has a different beginning which is instrumental and pads its time out past 3.00 mins but the single mix is short (about 2:27 mins) so I beefed it up a little and extended the single mix by about 60 seconds.

Here for download is the extended single mix of "Jamie Come Home" courtesy of contributor Jimmy Barnes.


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  1. Thank you for this and all that you have posted. It is wonderful to find 'memories' thought forgotten