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Here is some email correspondence from DT a visitor to this site…

Hi Tom Mix,

I recently found your post of “Blue Blue Day” by Lorrae Desmond. I have sent you a download link to "Everybody’s Favourite Model Girl" the 1970 song by Lorrae with “Dear John” the B-side included (click link below). It is an interesting story with “Everybody’s Favourite Model Girl”…Lorrae was sitting under the hairdryer having literally just landed in London and getting ready for a gig. Her former manager just happened to be walking by and came in and said "I have this Peter Sarstedt song I want you to record". So within 2 hours Lorrae was in the recording studio learning the song and recording it. She did the gig and flew back to Australia. And what a great song it is…


Hello DT,

A truly great song, thanks for sending. Do you know Lorrae personally to have heard the above story? Is it OK to set it up on the Tom Mix blog for others to download or are you just sharing it with moi?

Cheers and thanks,
Tom Mix

Hi Tom Mix,

Yes, I know Lorrae. She would be thrilled to have it on your blog.


Here for download are both sides of the 1970 single courtesy of DT:


For those who have already downloaded Lorrae's "Blue Blue Day", found further over on this blog, here is a Tom Mix exclusive 12" remix of "Soda Pop Hop" the cute flip side:


For further download is Lorrae's 1955 hit "On The Waterfront", its flip side "Hold My Hand" and a bonus song all courtesy of DT:


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