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Tony began singing in the late fifties as a dance band vocalist. His main claim to fame, initially, was the fact that he looked and sounded like Frank Sinatra.

In 1959, he worked with vocal group the Graduates for a five month period, their single "Little Donkey" charted in Sydney. In 1960 they toured with the Fabian Show. Then in January 1961, at the age of 23, he signed with Coronet Records, and released his first single "Angel In A Red And White Scarf". The song sold moderately well, although it wasn't until Tony moved to the Leedon label later in the year that he scored a hit with "
Big Things Are Happening". Also in the early part of 1961, he compered a national Friday night radio show on the ABC called Mainstream For Moderns.

In 1962 Tony embarked on a tour of Asia and there after only had moderate success. Although he changed labels and went on to release more records over the next couple of years, further chart success eluded him. Eventually Tony gave up singing to take on show business management and promotion with Col Joye's agency.

Tony's 1961 hit "Big Things Are Happening" is a lovely piece of fluff about settling down and getting married. It was written by Mickey Gentile and Mike Anthony.
It makes an ideal addition to include in today's modern wedding music set when working as a mobile disc jockey.

The introduction has a chorus and plucked harp and sounds reminiscent of many American tunes of the 1950s.
The original song was 1:50 mins and so I gave it the Tom Mix treatment and now in its extended form it runs 1:59 mins!


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