Colin Frederick Jacobsen (b: 13th April 1936 Sydney) aka Col Joye, is an Oz entertainer and entrepreneur. He was the first Australian to have a #1 rock’n’roll record that charted Australia-wide, and the first Australian to reach the American charts, with "Bye Bye Baby".

Col recorded with his brothers Kevin and Keith (who were part of Col's backing band The Joy Boys). Keith was married to Oz star Little Pattie up until 1984. Kev is partners nowadays with Col and they run Jacobsen Promotions.

Col had many hits over the years and was still releasing singles well into the 1990s. He has helped launch many famous Oz artists including the Bee Gees and their younger brother Andy Gibb.
Col had his own studios called A.T.A. in Glebe Sydney and the early recording work of Andy Gibb is still locked in their vaults.

Col’s 1982 single “Rest Your Love On Me A While” was penned by Barry Gibb and has all the trademarks of the Bee Gees 1978 original but Col tried to give it “country ballad” feel.

Olivia Newton-John and Andy Gibb had a pop duet version in 1980.
It competed against a country version by Conway Twitty.

Here for download is a Tom Mix edit of Col Joye's version of
Rest Your Love On Me A While:

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  1. A great round up of some old and obscure stuff.

    I run a small blog with some kiwi oldies in it from time to time


    Interestingly the most visited song is Lonnie Lee's Starlight Starbright which is also one of my favorites Best wishes