Trevor Gordon, born 1948 in Yorkshire, emigrated to Oz nearly at the same time as the Bee Gees. Trevor was known in Australia for variety television work, just as the Bee Gees were. They became friends and Trevor appears in some home movie footage of the Bee Gees in Australia that is still used in TV documentaries &c.

Trevor was coerced by one of his cousins to return to England in about 1968 and was later in the UK band The Marbles along with Graham Bonnet.

Trev’s first hit “House Without Windows” was written by Barry Gibb and came out in January 1965. The flip was called “And I’ll Be Happy” also written by Barry. The A-side was almost a Bee Gees single except that Trevor got to sing over a guide track done by Barry.

Later when Trevor joined The Marbles, Barry wrote some tracks for them.

Band line-up:

Trevor Gordon — vocal

Barry Gibb — vocal, guitar

Robin Gibb — vocal

Maurice Gibb — vocal, organ

Unknown — drums, bass

Jimmy B. a regular contributor to this blog site spotted the vinyl single with the "NOT FOR SALE" label (shown above) on sale on e-Bay for over $500.

Here for free is a great copy of the old original track House Without Windows:


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