Lonnie Lee was a pioneer of OZ rock and roll. He and Johnny O'Keefe were hit makers who recorded on the Lee Gordon owned record label Leedon. If you look on the label you'll note that the musical arranger was Eddie Cash Jr. This is a pseudonym for Johnny O'Keefe. You can see another of these production credits on a number by The Fauns further over on this blog.

Defenceless" was one of Lonnie's early 1960 smash hits. It has recently been released on CD along with numerous other Lonnie Lee tracks. Lonnie's production team have also included bonus material on the 2 new CD collections which includes a bonus CD-Rom set of snaps and clippings etc. Lonnie, will if wanted, sign the covers of both sets of CDs if ordered in 2009. For info on his CD releases please click the following link to Mustang Records:


Here for download in an extended Tom Mix version of "
Defenceless" mixed from CD:


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