LRB is still a working band but the Americans currently in the band had nothing to do with the hit songs which made the name famous.

LRB started in about 1975 in Melbourne Oz. Their first hit was "Curiosity Killed The Cat". From there they went off to conquer the world with their stylish vocals and good pop sensibilities. They kept the lyrics simple and the melodies flowed easily. Most of their songs could be replicated live and when John Farnham took over as lead singer for a while, replacing Glenn Shorrock, their live work was better than their studio stuff.

...Band member Graeham Goble wrote their most successful song, “Reminiscing,” which LRB recorded in 1978, earned Goble a Four Million Air award from US collection society BMI in 2001. That means the song has been broadcast over 4 million times in America, the highest achievement for any Australian pop song internationally, putting him in an “elite group” of writers, according to BMI. “A lot of musicians love ‘Reminiscing’ because of the chords, the way they seem to work, they say it’s a brilliantly written song,” Goble says. “People like Frank Sinatra and John Lennon have gone on record as saying it was among their favourite songs at the time. In [Lennon’s lover] May Pang’s book there’s a whole passage about where he and May made love to ‘Reminiscing’.” The song’s success, however, has at times baffled Goble. He thinks the song is less consummate than a lesser-known LRB song he wrote, “Mistress of Mine.” And, ironically, “Reminiscing” was one of his songs that his LRB band-mates were less than ardent about, so back in 1978, getting the song on the album was Goble’s primary objective. Having it be a hit in the US or seeing it rise to classic status was beyond his dreams. “It’s quite staggering. You don’t realise you’ve written something like that until it happens, until it’s history”...

Beeb Birtles and Graeham Goble were two of the original LRB line up
and they had worked together in prior bands, writing and performing for many years. They had started in bands like Mississippi, Alison Gros, and Drummond (some of these bands have songs for download on this blog or at Ozzie The Music Man's blog - please use search facility to locate these groups).

When LRB was beginning to tire of touring, Birtles and Goble decided to make their own polished little gems. The released two hits "I'm Coming Home" and "Lonely Lives" from the album "The Last Romance". The album has been remastered and issued on CD in America but is nowadays deleted. Their collected works/hits have not been released on any kind of official CD anthology which is a shame as they are high profile artists.

The original Ozzie line up of the band are unable to perform under the LRB name due to "legal" issues but they still manage to get together and sell out venues nowadays under their surnames: Birtles, Shorrock and Goble.

Here in one zip file are 3 rare items indeed:

1) The USA 12" of "Reminiscing" which was issued on vinyl - it has been reworked and further edited and overdubbed in the studios of Tom Mix.

2) An edited Tom Mix version of "Help Is On Its Way" from CD - it has been edited to match a version done by K-tel.

3) An extended Tom Mix version of "I'm Coming Home" from CD - because I can!.

There is a password on the zip file: http://tommixmusic.blogspot.com/


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