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Tom had a couple of singles in the 1950s in America before he came to live in Oz for part of the 1960s and 70s.

"Free", Leonetti's 1956 single has been described as a USA One Hit Wonder peaking at #23, he also had a minor hit with his version of "I Cried" which reached #30 in 1954.

In Oz, Tom and step-daughter Kim had a hit with "Let's Take A Walk" in 1969. Tommy's most famous but non-charting Ozzie song "My City Of Sydney" was used as a sign-off on Channel 7 for most of the 1980s. It is fondly remembered and well-loved by many east coast Ozzies. The stereo version has appeared once on CD many years ago. It was issued on a series released by Sydney radio DJ Bob Rogers.

Here for download is the mono single mix of "My City Of Sydney":


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