Geeza is a legendary Oz rock band that deserves some kudos for their brief blaze in the music charts in the period 1976 to 1978. The band had a simple but distinctive "west coast" style although at times they tended to sound a bit like Dragon the NZ/Oz band.

Band members included: Terry Halliday (vocals), Gabrielle Vandetti (guitars), Lee Martin (bass) and Alan Fraile (drums).

The band kicked off in 1976 with a single called "Vamboo". It gained them critical notice which led to the band spending time in the studio to produce a great album. Their one and only album was called "Street Life" which contained 2 of their 1977 singles: "Song To Warilla" and "Run'n'Hide". In its day the single of "Run'n'Hide" got to #27 in the Sydney charts in late 1977 and was also issued on a K-tel compilation record in 1978.

Terry has his own web site nowadays and the digitised "Street Life" album is for sale on CD at the following link:


You could also use the following links to contact Terry:

email : studio259@hotmail.com

phone : +61.419 595 298

Terry is only too happy to field any questions. He is also very supportive of this blog and has allowed me, with kind permission, to set up an mp3 download of the single "Run'n'Hide". It is a Tom Mix remix from CD with a few overdubs and edited slightly, so it now sounds slightly different to the long album mix.

Terry sent me this message... "G'day mate, God bless your soul, and thanks for the word up on your site...If I can be of any help just shout out. It's nice to be remembered, so thanks and keep on rockin' and keep in touch"...Terry.


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