At the previous weekend, as is my want, I went hunting for old Oz songs not yet on CD and found 2 albums with at least 11 songs. I got them from the Adamstown Markets which are held most Sunday mornings all year round here in Newcastle.

The 2 albums were: "
Australian Showtime" released on Summit Records in 1974 and "24 Great Truck Drivin' Songs" released on K-Tel in 1976.

I removed the well-known songs that have been on CD a million times and songs by foreign artists to produce this fabulous collection of Oz oldies. Included with these tracks is a single by Ernie Sigley which I found recently at Morpeth.

Possibly the rarest song in the collection is "Keep On Smiling" by Johnny O'Keefe. It starts with him going "Brrrrrrrrr" just like the new advertisements for Coca-Cola.

Tech Specs: All tracks were in near-pristine condition. I used a Numark digital turntable to record the tracks (thanks to my wife and kids for their present) and then used "Wavelet Tech" to clean them up. Some tracks sound as good as CD quality. No pops, clicks etc. All tracks are in 320kb mp3 format.


Don Lane: One More Mountain To Climb (stereo)
Greg Anderson: Live For Life (stereo)
Johnny O'Keefe: Keep On Smiling (stereo)
Sandy Scott: Why (mono)
Normie Rowe: Come Hear My Song (mono)
Peter Hiscock: An Unfamiliar Kind Of Man (stereo)
Reg Lindsay: New World In The Morning (mono)
John Laws: Motivating Man (stereo)
Ernie Sigley: City Of The Angels (mono)
John Laws: Highway Heading North (stereo)
Col Joye w/Laurie Allen: 15 Gears & 14 Wheels (stereo)
Tex Morton: The Transport Man (stereo)

There is a password on the zip file: http://tommixmusic.blogspot.com/



  1. Hello Tom. I apologise for posting here but it's the only way I've worked out how to contact you. You sound like Novocastrianish? In 1972 we of the social committee at Scone High got Crazy Otto (again) for our school dance. I'd be surprised if you've not heard of them. I think their is some recording in the ether somewhere. My reason for writing is I've digitised The Music Hawkers by Anne and Johnny Hawker (Astor, Ron Tudor etc etc) and it needs some work. Its over 200 meg. Can I mail it to you so that you can weave your magic. It's too good to just let it die.

    I absolutely love what you are doing. Regards Steve Hickey. Boambee

  2. Steve,

    I worked at Scone Public from 1996 to 2000. So I probably passed you in the street???

    The Music Hawkers album is already available for download by a friend called Micko at Midoz Music (see links on left of my blog page for Midoz).

    Here is a blurb from his site and a cleaned up download version of the album with bonus tracks.

    Thanks for offering to post the album but this may be better than waiting for me to fix yours.




    Anne & Johnny's "The Music Hawkers" album.

    I've uploaded the music & uncropped artwork here:


    with cropped artwork here:


    This is almost a defacto greatest hits set. Anne & Johnny were on a bit of a hot streak in 1968/69 & had 5 hits together as well as 2 further solo hits by Anne. All 7 of those singles are here including the duos debut smash "Cinderalla Rockefella", which outsold the original by Esther & Abi Ofarim Australia wide.

    Their hit follow up's were: "Lovin' Season", "I Got You", "Dear World", & perhaps best of all, the solid beat pop of "Real True Lovin'". Anne also did particularly well with her own singles. "Boom-Bang-A-Bang", again matching the Top 10 placing of Lulu's original version & "Timothy" which followed it into the Top 20.

    Among the other tracks are Johnny's own 2 solo singles which didn't do as well as his wife's, though again Runaround is a quality beat/pop song which deserved better. And he certainly proved that despite his lack of matinee idol looks, he was a more vesatile singer than may have been suspected. I know I certainly thought that he rode on his talented & good looking wife's coat-tails, but I was definately wrong, even if he does come across as a bit daggy.

    Overall, this is a bit of a mixed bag for my tastes, but at least it's not full of the novelty pop of "Cinderella.." which I also thought might be the case. Some of the songs are perhaps a bit 'cute', & there's certainly nothing approaching rock, but the best here is as good as any late '60's pop that you'll hear. So I'm glad I asked for it now.

    Many thanks to Bobby at Midoz for an excellent job with the rip & the artwork too

    Cheers & for those in the mood for a nice bit of pop music



  3. Thanks Tom. One final comment. One oz song that took ages to get cos I had the wrong artist. I remember NBN use to have Saturday Date. I think Phil Hunter hosted. I thought theme was by Toni Lamond. Found it on youtube by Toni McCann and then bought various artists CD at Redeye with it on it. Thanks again