Mike Brady (born England 28 February, 1947) is an Australian musician most commonly associated with the Australian Rules football anthems "Up There Cazaly", referring to 1920s and 30s St Kilda player Roy Cazaly. "Up There Cazaly" topped the Australian singles charts in September 1979 and was briefly the best selling Australian single of all time. Both have become synonymous with Australian rules and are traditionally sung on AFL Grand Final day in September.

Brady was one-third of the 1960s pop trio MPD Ltd. which stood for Mike, Pete and Danny which had hits in Australia including "Little Boy Sad" and "Lonely Boy". The band toured Australia and played shows in Vietnam. After the breakup of MPD Ltd., Brady continued to record occasionally including a top 10 hit with "Sympathy" and another minor hit called "Finger Poppin'".

He continued to write material for AFL. In the early 1980's, he reworked "Up There Cazaly" into a theme song for the Sydney Swans relocation into Sydney. He wrote "One Day in September" about the AFL grand final and recorded versions of many of the AFL teams theme songs for an album in 1987. He also wrote the song "Courage in their Eyes" for the Seven Network's Olympics coverage.

After the 1979 success of "Up There Cazaly", Brady tried to write an anthem for Australia Day 1980 but it sank without a trace. The words were great but the delivery sounded like Mike was reaching for a lot of high unobtainable notes. It was commissioned by the Australia Day Council and appeared on Full Moon Records. The flipside was the instrumental version of the same song.

You Are Australia” charted at #85 in a 5 week run starting in February 1980.


You are the sunshine,

You are the ocean,

You are the wilderness, the mountains, the open air,
You are the city you are the country,

You are the people who made this country rare.
You are Australia
You are Australia

You are the children,

You are the future,

You are the young men who left not to return,

You are the freedom,

You are the heartache,

You are the youngster with still so much to learn.

You are Australia
You are Australia

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