Greg Quill and Country Radio have previously had a blog entry so I won't go into a lot of detail here - please use search facility to locate their other page where "Wintersong" is for download.

Recently, when working with two friends (Alan K and Jim B.) to catalogue old songs that charted in Sydney NSW 1955-1974, we came across an anomaly to do with time listed on record label as opposed to the actual time of the song...

Greg Quill's 1972 hit "Gypsy Queen" as shown on the label is supposed to run 3:20 mins but when you use a stopwatch to time the song it runs to 3:52 mins. I checked the old film clip on YouTube and it also runs to 3:52 mins. So this told us that they must have made a typo or mistake when they released the vinyl 7" single. (See record label as supplied by Jim B.).

But no, the mystery got a little deeper...

It seems that at one stage there was a proposed mono single edit that was to be issued and in fact it was evidently issued but only ever on the K-Tel album 20 Solid Hits Vol.3. At the last minute the album mix which was slightly longer was released but with a label still indicating the shorter running time.

The following pictures of the K-Tel album and track listing are courtesy of Peter Mc. Many thanks Pete. Peter sent me a copy of the K-Tel vinyl mix. One thing which is very noticeable is that the speed of the vinyl version is much faster when compared to the CD or film clip versions of the song. (Click track picture to enlarge).

This link is the B&W 3:52 mins "Gypsy Queen" clip on YouTube:


Here for download is a Tom Mix exclusive an edited 3:20 mins "Gypsy Queen" mix from CD to match the original unissued mono single edit that only ever made it onto a K-Tel album.



There are surely more songs with the same anomaly where time doesn't match up with actual time. Please drop me a line in the comment box if you know of some...

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