Buddy England (born in England), was a former member of The Seekers, replacing Bruce Woodley and stayed with them for seven years. He was also a member of the Mixtures 1969-1970 replacing Idris Jones for 10 months. It was in this time when Buddy was lead singer on the #1 track "In The Summertime". Buddy didn't really like the Mungo Jerry song but little did he know it would hit the top position due to a radio ban on foreign artists and it launched the Mixtures Oz-wide. It was a similar sounding follow-up "The Pushbike Song" that got the Mixtures exposure in foreign lands but Buddy had gone solo by then.

Buddy England had his own singing, writing and recording success in Australia and in England prior to coming to Oz. Buddy was initially a solo singer/songwriter and producer and had great success prior to
joining The Seekers/Mixtures.

Buddy wrote many songs for other artists...Tony Pantano, "Every Time You Touch Me"; The Vibrants, "I Can't Let Go of Your Love"; Benjamin Hugg...Album of the Year..."Early One Morning" and single of the year, "Thank God You're Hear With Me";
Tadpole, "Throw A Little Lovin' My Way", The Pattersons and so on. NB.Many of the aforementioned songs are lodged on this blog - use search facility to locate them.


If I Never Get To Love You
Doll House

There Goes My Baby

What A Wonderful World
Movin' Man
Forgive and Forget
Name of My Sorrow

Here for download is a copy of "Movin' Man" lovingly converted from a good vinyl copy:


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