During early 1968 the Vanda/Young (writing team behind The Easybeats) scaled new heights of writing and production excellence with a string of superb singles but they were largely overlooked by radio outside Australia. In March '68 they released the epic "Hello, How Are You", which briefly took them back into the UK Top 20. The song was a deliberate attempt by Vanda and Young to emulate the 'big ballad' hits that were around at the time on UK radio. It's a fine song, and although Young later dismissed it as "cornball schmaltz", it obviously influenced some listeners. Some say that the first line of Jeff Lynne's 1974 ELO hit "Telephone Line" is undoubtedly a direct musical reference to the Easybeats' classic.

There were a couple of different versions of the song recorded. There was a long unedited album mix and a shorter single mix. Both versions have made it to CD in various parts of the world.

Here for download is the rare unedited 3:55 min version of the stereo album master of "Hello, How Are You". This copy was on a CD with studio cuts and rare items. I purchased it in London on my trip to England in 2006.


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