The career of Russell Morris is still going strong and he has numerous songs to his credit. His biggest hits were throughout the 1970s.

Before Russell went solo, with the urging of producer "Molly" Meldrum, he was formerly in a Melbourne pop group called Somebody's Image. They had 3 singles: "Heatwave", "Hush" and "Hide And Seek". They were destined for greater things when the group seemingly imploded.
"Molly" Meldrum spent unprecedented hours and money to create a seven-minute production extravaganza around a song called "The Real Thing." Once the result was released to shocked radio programmers who had never been asked to play such a long Australian single before, it was up to Morris' personality, singing, and performing talents to make the record work. It reached Australia's number one spot in June 1969. Without any promotional support from Morris, "The Real Thing" reached number one in Chicago, Houston, and New York....The Americans split the song into two halves and placed them as an A-side and B-side on their version of the 7" single. The edited version of "The Real Thing" has appeared on a CD released by Barry Humphries to coincide with his TV series called "Flashbacks".

All 3 of the Somebody's Image singles are on a series of CDs released by David McLean at Canetoad Music in Sydney.

David McLean,
c/o Canetoad Music,
PO Box 1039,
Potts Point,

Here for download is a 6 minute Tom Mix Megamix of Russell's early work in Somebody's Image with a song running order that goes: Hush / Hide And Seek / Heatwave.

Why you ask?

Because I can!




  1. Hi Tom, I love this mix but the link is no longer active. Since many other websites cite this one rapidshare link for the mp3 and it no longer works, I thought I would re-upload it for you. The link is on my website. http://mreviews.braced.net/?x=entry:entry120120-211242
    Thank you.

  2. Haha, I love it, my Dad played bass in Somebody's Image so I must show him they still have a presence on the web.

    1. My uncle was the drummer

  3. Where did the songwriter of Hide And Seek, Marty Van Wynk vanish to?