Matt Taylor was lead singer of Melbourne group Chain and had one of the gravelliest Oz blues voices ever recorded. His biggest hits and main successes were "Black And Blue" and "Judgement", recorded when lead singer with Chain, and "I Remember When I Was Young", as a solo artist.

His biggest solo hit "I Remember When I Was Young" was an homage to an era I remember fondly. It got to be top 10 in most states in 1973. The flip side also charted in some areas. The flip was "
Krishna Loves You Too" which didn't depart that much musically from the A-side and charted here in Newcastle NSW. The album version has been on CD for many years but the single cut of "Krishna Loves You Too" has not been included on anything to date. Sadly his follow-up single "Fair Dinkum Aussie Blues" sank without much of a trace. It just charted in Perth for five weeks and got to #42. His third solo single was non-charting.

Chain singles:

Show Me Home/Mister Time1969
Black And Blue/Blow in 'D'1971
Judgement/Lightning Ground1971
Sunny Day/I Was Born1972
I Thought You Weren't My Friend/Hey Baby1973
I'm Gonna Miss You Babe/Elephant1973
I'm Gonna Miss You Babe/Mr. President1980
I Don't Want To Be Like Everyone Else/Messenger1985
(Doin' the) Highway 31 Shuffle/Missile1986
Harmonica/Spring Hill1988

Matt Taylor Solo Singles:

I Remember When I Was Young / Krishna Loves You Too - 1973
Fair Dinkum Aussie Blues / Alone - 1974
Hound Dog Dust Bug / Somebody Stole My Hair - 1975

Here are the words to Matt Taylor’s song "Krishna Loves You Too":

“Things are getting bad when you can’t practise your religion,

Walk through the streets, giving all the love you can to Krishna.

Elohim, God, or Allah, the name doesn’t matter,

Love is a commodity you can’t put a price on,

People who love life give to one another,

‘Cos God’s in me, God’s in you.

Yes, City Councillors, Krishna loves you too!

When you go to church on Sunday to hear a sermon

They pass round the plate, are you telling me it’s begging?

Is God a one-day affair, the next day you don’t care?

Krishna people make the city streets a temple

What’s wrong with living your religion every second

If God’s in me, God’s in you?

Parking attendants, Krishna loves you too.

I remember Christians thrown to the lions,

Because their faith was seen as defiance.

But now I see Centurions in Blue, ain’t nothing new.

Religion’s not exempt when it comes to revolution

Each step along the way is plagued by persecution,

Still, God’s in me, God’s in you.

Mr Policeman, Krishna loves you too.

Salvation Army playing on the corner,

Turned-on our folks in another era, but now I see

God remains the same, forms of God have changed.

Now you’ve heard my story, just forget your fear,

And chant ‘Krishna’ every day

And your world will ’come clear

‘Cos God’s in me, God’s in you.

Yes, every human being, Krishna loves you too.....”

Here for download is the never before released 7" single edit (from CD) of "
Krishna Loves You Too":



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    Hurry Hurry Krishna please :-)
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  2. Tom
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