Rick Pointon is a Newcastle singing legend. He was formerly lead singer of Benny And The Jets who used to perform at the Star Hotel in Newcastle in the 1970s. Some of the singles by Benny And The Jets are elsewhere on this blog. Please use search facility to locate them.

Rick Pointon and musical partner Alan Windon
had a crack at making a local rendition of the Lucky Starr classic "I've Been Everywhere". The song was released on Angelwood Records and charted in November 1981. It has been sitting on the shelf for yonks and has never been on CD. In the version by Rick, he names all the places in the local Hunter Valley area where it was recorded. The town of Newcastle is at the mouth of the Hunter River and the surrounding Hunter Valley is roughly the size of Sussex in England. My suburb is mentioned as are many others.

Rick Pointon and I met years ago at a mutual friend's house. Year after year a group of us music nuts would rock up at Christmastime and play a trivia music game that our friend Steve Scanes developed. It was serious business and I played fairly well most years but I was so competitive that my wife once avoided going with me as she was embarrassed by my poor sportsmanship (lol).

Lucky Starr made 4 international versions of
"I've Been Everywhere". They are for download at Ozzie The Music Man's Site (click link): http://ozziemusicman.blogspot.com/

Here for download is the Rick Pointon and Alan Windon version of
"I've Been Everywhere":


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