Max Merritt b: 1941 New Zealand was a renowned musician and singer. As leader of Max Merritt & The Meteors his best known hits were “Slippin’ Away”, which reached #2 on the 1976 Australian singles charts, and "Hey, Western Union Man" which reached #13 some years before.

In 1975 the album “A Little Easier” was issued which contained “Slippin’ Away” at the end of one side and “Coming Back” at the end of the other. They were the pigeon pair that made the album memorable for me.

In a category best described as “the one that got away” was the soft and romantic “Coming Back” which was a song similar to the big hit single “Slippin’ Away”. “Coming Back” sadly, was only ever issued as a B-side recording in Oz. The A-side was “Let It Slide” (single mix) which was a faster version of the lead song on their next album “Out Of The Blue”.

But as things would have it, the radio stations in the Hunter Valley gave “Coming Back” much deserved airplay and the song charted albeit only for a few weeks during 1976. It was 5 mins long and took up the whole side of the 7” single and “Let It Slide” and “Whisper In My Ear” were both together on one side of the single.

Here for download is “Coming Back”:


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  1. keen to get "out of the blue". Tried second hand records but scratched. Any suggestions